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Who else is offering a “do-nothing” type of business?

Who else is offering a “do-nothing” type of business?

3 monkees embarrased smCheck what you say or write, or any links before you send out…

If “earn full-time income a few hours a week!” is what you’re putting out there, it sure looks like a do-nothing” type of business…

Doesn’t it?

If you’re putting out “If Joe the garbage man can do it, anyone can!”, it sure gives the impression that zero-to-few skills are required to earn that big income.

NOTE: The six figure earners in our industry are (now) ALL highly-skilled professionals. All. Of. Them. They’re also almost all full-time.

If “All you have to do is…” is what you’re putting out there, aren’t you saying the business is for simpletons looking for something easy and fast?

Network marketing – EARNING a full time income – is neither easy nor fast.

If “We don’t sell!! We SHARE!” is what you’re putting out there to get others to sign up, when will they ever learn to market and SELL (indirectly or directly)?

Bringing in orders is the only thing any network marketing company pays us for. If you or your people do not MOVE the product – bring in paying customers and recruits – nobody earns one thin dime.

Why do you think 95% of those who start, quit? Somehow they got a “do-nothing” idea about your kind of business.

But they discovered – in week one – that this was false. And blame you, the industry, or themselves. And quit.

Watch what you put out there so don’t attract the wrong ones. Anymore.

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