Who said anything about rejection?

On today’s call, I asked:

“After you started the business, what’s a hidden cost you discovered?”

“REJECTION! REJECTION!” responded several people at once.

Hear hear.

But who said anything about rejection when we signed up?

“It’s easy, anyone can do it. The product sells itself.” Isn’t that what you heard?

Maybe THAT’S what makes rejection so hard on someone like Julie, with no previous business background. It’s so unexpected.

Unexpected because she trusted the experienced ones who told her “The product sells itself.”

Shall we stop doing this to new people?

Shall we instead tell the new person that we’re looking for people like us, and that there’s NO WAY it will be even close to “everyone”? Like shopping for shoes or looking for tennis partners?

Did you know that “almost one one” can bring you a LARGE income in a market where, in the US alone, there are nearly 300 million people?

How much would you make with 100 regular customers who buy the same amount you do? What about 1000? Or 10000?

Given the large numbers, a few hundred is “almost one one” but enough to make a few extra thousand a month, for starters.

Are you making that now? Or your babies?

Trust yourself. Trust your instincts. If this is what is in your mind too, like it is mine, go ahead and feel it, express it and teach it to others of like mind.

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