Who’s in your world?

By your world, I refer to those who’d be your business partners or customers. For the business especially, they’re probably not your friends and relatives.

Who are the people in your (mostly-not-yet-visible) world?

I’ll start.

My world, as it relates to network marketers, are people who:

Want to be network sellers and make sales and bring in recruits. But, they want to do that using a different style of communication – not the current hype-and-recruit bombardment approach.

They want to make sales with gentler, softer approach, starting with describing their own interests and concerns. That done, right, they put out their story, intending to reach out and touch like-minded others. No hard-selling required, ever. Because the right ones – those who respond, are already in ‘your world’. (They already play tennis, know nutrition matters, are entrepreneurs, etc.)

Your turn. How would you describe your world?

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  • My world as it relates to network marketers, are moms (but don’t have to be) that want to supplement our husband’s pay. Those looking for the mad money for themselves and their family. Moms that can be a part of an extended marketing team that takes the products directly to the consumer, people like you and me.

    They will already be a self proclaimed health nut trying to change how people eat and live using Usana as a tool to funnel that energy. We won’t need to tell everyone that breathes within a three foot radius but can engage others in the course of a normal conversation. I’d rather say no first to a business partner than feel like I did not do the picking or that I was no longer viewed as someone who cared.

    What do you think are you someone like that?

    Nancy Carlson

  • My world, as it relates to network marketers, are people who:

    Love animals and want to help improve pet’s health by selling healthy products just for pets.

    Are obsessed with helping pets stay healthy and want to market products proven to do this. They want to sell the product using their own style and authenticity not copying company marketing scripts.

    Want to be seen as a real person with real product results (no hype about what the product will do for everyone.)

    They have been looking for a way to network effectively without using friends or family. They want to find the edge to help make them successful.

    Want to recruit other sales people but know the value of building a customer base. They do not want to lead with the business because they know this will turn off the real pet lovers looking for ways to help their animals live a healthier, longer life.


    “Know thyself.”
    – Socrates
    Dogs know what they are.

  • Nancy, there’s a problem with your link.
    When you post, select “other” for identity, and enter your name where it asks. Then in the web page field underneath, enter your NMC Vanity URL.

    Enter it exactly, then your name, when clicked on, goes to your NMC profile.

    Is that clear as mud?

  • My world as it relates to network marketers, are people who:

    Are stay at home moms who want to have their own money so they can travel to exotic places or donate to charities they believe in and take some stress off their husband of being the sole financial support of the family.

    Women who are label readers and are fanatic about eating organic food and using organic personal care and skin care products. Passionately organic minded women.

  • My world consists of you as well as anyone who comes close enough to strike up a conversation. I do not try to sell anyone on any particular item I have no pitch Just be honest.I focus on the one particular product or products that would produce results in that particular individual.( product types are determined through conversation) My intent is to help anyone feel better about themselves. When they begin feeling good about the positive effects they are experiencing then I have done my Job.

  • Some of the people in my world are dyed-in-the-wool health nuts who want to get even more fruits and vegetables every day as a safety net. (You can bet I admire and learn from them always!) But others are more like me: they truly believe eating well is important but keep falling off their fruit and vegetable wagons into a tub of ice cream, sigh. Try as they may, they can’t manage to eat as much fresh produce as they feel would be best for their health. And so they, like me, are attracted to simply eating better simply — helping to correct a less-than-perfect diet by adding fruits and vegetables that have been juiced, powdered, and packed into capsules. Makes sense to me, makes sense to them. (…and leads to improved habits, too — happy place, this little world of mine.) 🙂



  • My network marketing world is about people who are passionate about books. They are passionate about improving their life and striving to approach their business dealings from an enlightened point of view, and from a point of serving others.

    It’s about attracting people whom we are able to assist and mentor to success based on some common experiences. For example, the ability to assist someone who is experiencing some type of disability or recovering from trauma because I have been there and learned how to work a business in spite of those experiences. I hope that I can help and serve others who may be recovering from difficult times in their life.

    It’s also about attracting with and working with a team of business builders who can also assist those people and help them experience success.

  • My world as it relates to network marketing are people who are very passionate about books and reading and growing as a person. They would also be people who really enjoy helping others and love making a difference in other people’s lives. May it be by spreading literacy around the world, making donations to their favorite charities, or guiding someone to tools and information on how they can become more independent financially.

    It would be moms having a desire to stay home with their children and create an extra income stream to help with family expenses at the same time. What better way to do that than through the power of books. I can’t imagine any home in the US without a single book.

    Or it could be women (or men) who like me have never been involved with taking care of family finances and would feel totally lost if something happened to their husband (or wife). Like me, they would enjoy learning how to grow their own “nest egg”, manage it and become more independent in financial matters so they would never have to worry about the “what if?”

    It’s about growing, not only in knowledge and wisdom, but also as a person.

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