Who’s worse: Dream stealers or dream sellers?

Here’s a tough one:

Of these two, who has set you back more, in terms of your mental and financial well being:

The dream stealers or the dream sellers?


The dream stealer: someone who discourages you from doing an MLM. Tells you most people don’t make any money.

A dream seller: someone who offers you big income, financial independence, and freedom from a 9-5 job.

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Kim Klaver


  • Interesting question……

    The dream stealer can do harm immediately by assisting your decision not to pursue MLM. Leaving you with your 9-5, dependent life.

    The dream seller can do harm in the long run if they sell this dream without the reality check of what it takes to be successful, which ironically is the dream stealing comment…however without the discouragement.

  • This is a good question and I think they are about equal. I first got into mlm a year ago with a dream seller and learned the hard way about that but I appreciate the experience because it led me to the mlm I am with now that made me no promises and that was really refreshing to me!

  • When I first started with Network Marketing no one I knew wanted to hear anything about it and told me MLM would not work for anyone, especially me because I’m not a pushy salesperson. This was hard but I got over even thinking about how they felt.

    For me the dream sellers caused the most harm, in the beginning that is. I’ve learned a lot through all the great people who contribute to this blog so now neither of them are holding me back.

    Thank you all for adding your 2 cents and helping change how network marketing is viewed.

    Together we can be changers.

  • Dream Stealers are worst because they are generally negative towards anyone who wants to make better of themselves. As long as you are down where they are, they won’t bother you. These people will put you down for any ideas you have of achieving anything or even a thought different from theirs.

    Dream Sellers (by your definition) are generally liars (or mislead Old Schoolers) and I can deal with them because I recognize the lie.

  • Hi Kim,

    The dream stealers can sometimes anger you to action. You become more determined from within to prove them wrong which acts as a motivational catalyst. You can refuse to let them alter your plan and shake off their darts like a cold rain. Besides they are intermittent.

    The dream sellers have damaged me and set me back much more. If what they pitch is true, then we all should be who we want to be, where we want to be, and have everything we want. After all it’s our right and it’s our destiny. The painful side to this is that you blame your self for not whipping your mind into shape. It is all entirely your fault if this “push-button” reality is not happening for you. So you buy more books, attend more seminars, subscribe to more magazines, etc. etc. to pinpoint those button locations.

    I remind myself that most of this crap has its roots in meta-physics. To me this is just a cloke for mankind’s ego, because it focuses on the mind of the flesh. The dream sellers stuff is like a tick that burrows into your soul and you have to practically burn it to loosen its hold.

    Kim, I believe you stated a while back that is amazing how the NWM industry, unlike most others, has evolved into mind makeover science (not your words exactly, but close to the gist). Network Marketing is a frigging career path, for crying out loud, not a deity.

    Let me clearly state that I am an avid fan of goal setting. But goals and fantasies are not the same thing. If this post is read, I am certain there will be some strong opposition to my view points. Before you take to the keypad, ask yourself, “Who is my GOD?” Even atheists have a god.

    Sorry folks, suggesting to me that all I have to do is dream my fantasies into reality really strikes a nerve with me.

    I’m OK, your OK,
    Tom Doiron

  • Definitely dream sellers. I made the worst decision of my life this year. I quit a high-paying job to do an mlm full time, not knowing all that I’ve now learned on this site, and listening to old-schoolers. I might lose my house. At least dream stealers are more based in reality than some of the old-schoolers. I should have been smarter. It’ll turn out fine, somehow. I’ve started another biz outside of mlm. I don’t have the money to do another mlm, and I won’t do another one until I know I have expendable cash. Thank you, Kim, for opening my eyes and teaching me so much.

  • richard –

    Readers have dreams stolen, then they are reawakened. Since it’s a state of mind, it can be adjusted by the person who owns their mind.

    Isn’t it a question of how resilient people are? Readers here seem to be pretty resilient.

    That’s what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Expect many false starts and Nay Sayers on the path.

  • Kim,

    Wasn’t Pam’s post awesome. Got me thinking that the dream stealers, if we allow, will keep use in our miserable, but safe haven. On the other hand; when we buy the dream sellers goods, it often puts us at high risk in many area’s of our lives. As eyeswideopen said, buying in to the dream sellers was a serious financial set back for him. I can echoe the same.

    Although broken dreams can be tragic, add in a broken bank and the recovery just got stretched.

    Still climbing out,
    Tom Doiron

  • Dream stealers, because they’re usually people you know and trust and they knock the wind out of your sails when you’re most vulnerable – at the very start.

    I think most people can see past dream sellers and know that they’re probably not going to make millions, but can reasonably see a way to make a few hundred a month.

    Edie Elting

  • Hi all,

    It is kind of Tom to comment on my previous post, which seems to have been removed from the conversation. I will not repeat what I said, since perhaps the moderator did not feel it useful for the forum. Still, I am grateful for the opportunity to share ideas with others here.

    Best wishes,

  • Hi Kim,

    Oops! Thanks so much for the clarification — clearly, I am still learning about commenting on these blog pages! 🙂

    I appreciate you,

  • There’s a big difference between a dream and a fantasy – dream sellers are offering a possibility not a fantasy and it’s up to each of us to investigate that possiblity for it’s value to us and reality for us to implement.
    We don’t have to “buy” anything – it’s always a choice.

    Dream stealers are just that : thieves that return nothing to us and leave us bare of our dreams.

    All great things in this world have come from someone dreaming and then acting, usually with a good dose of hard work in there to get that dream into real form.

    Dr Moira

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