Who’s your best market?

Based on your experience so far, who should you aim for – a mass market? Or is it better cater to a more limited audience?

Use you own experience in your business and decide. Then you can create the language and paint the pictures that will begin to attract the audience you seek.

Hopefully you are part of it, so you can better relate to those who respond.

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Kim Klaver


  • I market a product for people who need all day energy, like me. It’s for people who want to cleanse toxins a little bit each day… the results for me has been natural energy. Do you know anyone who might like to replace coffee, sodas & expensive energy drinks, get a better lift with something that’s good for them?


  • The beauty of this Network Marketing business, regardless of the company, is that there’s generally something there for everybody.

    Going back to the “Paula” thing, believe it or not, there are people out there who are just NOT interested in making big money.

    And just maybe there are people out there who enjoy reading this blog daily, interacting with other members on NMC and really don’t care whether or not they make money.

    There may be people out there who JUST love the product and want to use it.

    There may be people out there who want to use the product and attend meetings for ‘fellowship.’

    There are people out there (maybe women) who want to stay home with their kids and make some extra ‘nylon’ money.

    Then there are those 1 in 4 who want to become multi-millionairs.

    If you like the shoe … maybe we have your size.

    Why don’t we start LISTENING to what the person across the table WANTS and give him THAT size shoe rather than trying to force that size 8 in a size 6.


  • My focus is to find people who appreciate the same things that I do AND as far as business goes to focus on finding people who are optimistic like me. I actually had an awesome conversation the other night with someone who I could swear is my twin AND the part that really surprised me is that she found me through this website. It was one of those instant connections. I want to find more people just like that who fall in love with my product just like I have. And of course I always welcome people who just want to be customers. That was the other thing we talked about. I know I have to help some people on my team learn more about that too because for some people recruiting doesn’t come naturally and finding customers can be a smaller “task” that can eventually lead to more.

  • Hello New Schoolers,

    As a young boy, I was priviledged to be taught trout fishing by a great angler. On open day of the season, I would go to my favorite spot and use the perfect bait and technique to catch my limit of 12 trout. I only kept the prizes, so I had a pretty formitable chain of fish. As I walked along the road to get home with my catch, drivers would pull over and stop to ask me where I caught all those “fine trout”.

    I think Robin and Paul have got it down. Never will there be a product for everybody. When you know exactly who you are looking for, where the hang out, and what will attrack them; the rest become fun. They understand the product, pricing, and want all the details. They are happy you came into their life, not annoyed.

    Everybody smiles!

    Got another one,
    Tom Doiron

  • I used to feel that because everyone NEEDS my product (I still think so!), everyone would WANT it. So I would pursue them somewhat relentlessly which resulted in some uncomfortable situations.

    Now,thanks to Kim’s training, I market a product only for people who care about their health and worry that their family does not get enough nutrition, like I used to. I would serve healthy food but unless it was candy or chicken nuggets, my younger son was just not interested.

    Then I found this product that puts fruits and veggies into capsules for adults and gummy treats for kids. It gives me peace of mind knowing that my family’s nutritional needs are met each and every day, regardless of how many (or few) other fruits and veggies we may end up eating that day. I only wish I had found it in time to save my seemingly healthy older son from falling victim to a virus that his immune system was not prepared to battle.

    Not everyone shares my values and priorities, so if I don’t get a good response, I change the subject and move on rather than trying to do therapy on someone who didn’t ask for it and isn’t going to pay me for it! Since I’ve taken this new approach, product sales have come much easier to me and I don’t alienate any of my friends.

    Do you know anyone who might want to know about an easy way of getting the whole food nutrition they need each day, regardless of their current eating habits?


  • Hi Kim

    It’s me, Tiat, back from a hiatus/sabbatical of sorts. 🙂

    I agree wholeheartedly that a marketing message should be tailored to a particular market segment or niche.

    If we are general, our consumers wouldn’t know that we are talking to them.

    Warm regards
    Tiat – Creating Abundance in Your Life, Aspirations and Wealth!

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