Why I don’t publish financial success stories around my programs…

Written by Kim Klaver
Why I don’t publish financial success stories around my programs…

The income stories of others might inspire you, yup, but they don’t guarantee your success.

Think about your own NWM company success stories.

You hear and see the big earners at every event. Don’t you?

And still YOU are not financially successful in your business. Am I right?

Financial success stories belong to each person and situation. It is THEIR story, THEIR circumstances, THEIR attitude and confidence, THEIR experience, THEIR contacts, in THEIR in their world. And the world they’re creating for themselves. Their success does not guarantee yours. Sigh.

If you did exactly the same thing a successful person did, for 30-90 days, you would likely not have their financial success. Why not?

Besides their back story, which nobody tells up front, there is something just as big as past experience:

Your self-confidence.

If it’s low, you will not succeed financially even if you copy exactly what your successful upline did.


Because you unconsciously project that lack of confidence about what you’re offering onto others, including your prospects. Prospects who sense you’re not confident about what you’re offering will just move away from you. People want to go with those they believe are strong, committed and driven.

Not weak or scaredy-cats.

Make sense?

PS Self-Confidence is what you must achieve first. And you don’t need 3 years in the psychiatric chair to get that. The YesS helps with this, and in 12 weeks. Though people stay longer. Ha. Check out this movie and see if it resonates.

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