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Why people buy…

People are buying things for THEIR reasons. Not for all the reasons you use to justify why you got in. Usually, those topics are pretty much a turn-off to anyone who has not yet made
a decision to join.

Why does someone in recruiter mode tell someone that “the company is solid”?
Or that “it’s been around 10 years” Or that “it’s public” or that the founders or
products are this or that?

Nobody cares about any of that – if they’re just looking.

YOU care, but THEY don’t. (Normal people looking at your business ASSUME
it is solid and reliable – and your saying those very things brings up doubts –
where they would NOT have doubted that before.)

Ponder this:

When does ANYONE tell you, “Oh let’s go to Macy’s! They’ve been
in business since 1858!” Or, “Let’s buy an iPhone! Apple’s a big public
company!” Or, “Oh let’s buy Prada because – the family that owns it
donates to wildlife preservation in Africa!”

Is that why you’d buy any of those products?

Why might someone join your company?

Because they want to get money, they’re looking for a team
to be part of, they want it to be easier and they want to do it
feel cool and good about it.

Isn’t that what you want to focus on, and skip ALL those boring,
unnecessary facts NO ONE cares about right now?

PS If you put your company logo on your recruiting webinar, or
send folks to a website with the company logo prominently
displayed, many people will tune out the moment they get on.
Why? They either have heard of it, or they Google it instantly,
and decide ‘never mind.’ Telling too much that is utterly irrelevant
to what that other person wants leads to um, no takers.

PPS Another no-no. Say you rep a nutritional company that
sells shakes. But really, nobody cares about weight loss shakes
outside of that company.

Really people. Ask yourselves: Who goes to the grocery store to
“check out the best shakes”?

No, a person wants to be slinky, look sexy and maybe,
drive a fast car, live in a wonderful home and make lots of money.

But. What do most nutritional reps spend their time doing? Talking
about the science of their company’s shakes or pills. And they
wonder why people doze off, why their eyes glaze over and why
they don’t buy.

Oi vey.

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Kim Klaver

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  • As always excellent advice. It is not what you want it is what the potential customer wants. Socratic method. Here one thing a lot of people in our industry seem to overlook. Is your boss going to give you a 3K to 7K raise this year? Would you like one? If answer is yes.
    The tax savings alone of a home based business is worth about 10% of your current gross. Are you willing to work 10 hours a week to get that raise. Plus additional income over and above the tax savings? No I would rather watch football. Wonderful! Sell them retail products.

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