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Why So Many Network Marketers Struggle..

Network Marketing - StruggleThe reason?

Missing information (and blame from upline)…

1) No sales or marketing skills…(We “share, we don’t sell” so nobody has a reason to learn sales and marketing skills)

2) No clear idea of who the “ideal” customer is for the business or product.

(Because they heard “everyone” will want this which we all discover is not so…)

3) If it doesn’t work, YOU are the blame. “You just don’t believe enough.” That’s what most network marketers hear from their upline.
But that’s not the big reason.

Solution: Decide to master sales and marketing. Especially marketing. Don’t blame your company, your upline, or “the economy”.

Master sales and marketing and you will NEVER be dependent on anyone else.

Marketing: Creating demand for what you have before they even know the specific product that you are marketing.

You ready to learn how to market like that?

PS Here’s how to do that on Facebook… See here for an intro workshop

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