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  • Hi Kim,
    This problem is most common with warm market contacts. I still maintain that the network marketing business is not for everyone. Does the individual you are approaching have the capacity to run their own business?

    Wishing You Plenty To Live,
    Tom Doiron

  • Tom makes a great point. It would be more likely that a friend/family member might say "yes" because they love you, rather than because they want to be in business.

    Many thanks,



    Heartburn? Gout? Too Acidic?

  • This is often my concern in multi-level marketing: That you force somebody to sign up just to shut you up. They aren't interested in the business, they just want to get you off their back.

    Better to be more laid back in your approach. Be selective who you try to recruit and let them decide when it's time to join. You want self motivated people…

  • Hi Kim,

    Such powerful words from Mohandas Gandhi. This makes me think about all the "yeses" I get and wonder if it's really an honest-to-goodness "yes" or purely lip service. I wish that everybody really stands up to their "yes" and commits to it. They can always say "no" anyway and not waste everybody's time.

    Thanks for this food for thought!

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