Will you make this mistake with the real estate pros?


When you take that real estate agent to lunch to descibe your proposition like I suggested in yesterday’s post here, you may be tempted to talk about the “big money” – the recruiting side of the business.

This would be a mistake. Two reasons.

1. Despite the rhetoric about the dream and financial freedom, recruiting has become for the most part a one-time sale – and a one-time income shot. You find Lulu, who buys a good sized product starter package, and they pay you a percent of the order.

But how often does Lulu do that? We’re lucky she stays in the business, much less do another big order.

Real estates already engage in one-time sales, often big ones, yet still, they rely on these singular transactions. That’s precisely where the challenge lies: how frequently does the same individual engage in the buying or selling process, seeking the best return on real estate investment?

2. On the money for the one time deals, real estate agents have you beat hands down.

When they sell a house for $200,000 and share a commission of say 6%, they get 3%: $6,000.

How does that compare with what you get on your one time big package order? Say the package is $2,800, where you get say, $300 or even $500?

$6,000 versus $500 on those one-time deals. Who wins?

Your edge: the regular repeat business from the regular product/service customers.

People ordering products on a regular basis helps keep them in chips – in between sales of properties. (It also helps you stay in chips in between those one-time-recruiting-bonus income shots.)

Bottom line: active real estate brokers don’t need another one time “thing” to sell (like our start-up product packages). They DO that with properties. And make much more than you do.

You have something different: an offer of having regular income for in between those sales. That’s what attracted me as a real estater when I learned about network marketing.

P.S. For those who really like specific, customized language options to use with brokers about how the regular income works, it’s available in the 100 Customers 3 Scripts package on the right side. Link here, too.

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Kim Klaver


  • This is an important reminder. It is human nature to lead with those things that “trip your trigger.”

    Would I be doing this business if I didn’t have the possibility of making gangster money? Heck no!

    I have to force myself to remember that some people do this business so they can make an extra $300 a month, and are perfectly happy with that.

    — Walter (from Appleton, WI)


  • Hi Walter:

    You write:

    “I have to force myself to remember that some people do this business so they can make an extra $300 a month, and are perfectly happy with that.”

    That may be true, but condsider also: 1)many people are rightly skeptical of our big claims. Therefore, starting more modestly, especially for people who have themselves not made much money yet, is more credible to the other person.

    2) Many start small, and when they see some success, gain confidence – perhaps in themselves, or perhaps in the business, and then they start to pick up steam.

    A goal and a starting place are not the same…so this approach lets people who already have visions of big income in real estate, cover their bets during the down cycles.

    Who knows what might happen after that – after a little proof it’s working for them?


  • Kim- Do you find that Real Estate agents are as jaded and skeptical of NM/MLM as, say, chiropractors? I can’t get the time of day with some health care pros because everybody with a product hits them up.

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