Win Authority: What does Lulu need to do?

One module in the new Authority Marketer program is:

Money Authority.

Here’s a quiz to see if you need it.  The winner gets a free pass to the class.

Contest ends Wednesday night, midnight PST. (August 10)

Let’s see who’s got some money authority. Here’s the contest quiz:

Lulu just signed up with her friend in a network marketing company. She got in
because she
really liked the products.  She felt she could offer them to friends
who had
the same health values as she did.

One thing that attracted Lulu is that her friend, Minnie, told her the company pays
30% on customer orders.

In her first week Lulu has gotten two customers.  Each ordered about $100 worth
of products, through Lulu’s replicating website.

Contest questions:

1. Will Lulu get a check (or equivalent) for $30 for each customer’s order?

2. What are three things Lulu might not know about, that would
block her from getting that money at all, or,  getting only part of it?

3. Explain to Lulu those three things she must do, as it relates to your own company.
And if your own company doesn’t have three requirements, but only one or two, put down
what others might be, based on what you know from other companies.

Be specific. Explain your response as if you were telling Lulu what has to happen
for her to get the check she’s expecting on those orders.

USE COMMENTS below to reply.  Add your name so when I announce the winner,
you’ll know if it’s you.

NOTE: Folks currently in the Authority Program: Please do not reply to this contest. 🙂

PS Here’s an intro video (part 1) to the Authority program. 6 Mins.

Authority: How To Get It In One Week.  Here.  And, “money” authority is just one
of the authorities you’ll learn about.


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  • The company might have these requirements before someone can get a check.
    1.Become a distributor–The cost might be $50 to $100.00
    2.Depending on the plan,they might have to place their customers in different legs to get a commission.
    3.Some companies required a montly group volume before they will pay out.

    • 1. No, unless the pay plan specifies that 30% of every first order by customers she referred is her commission. Those are typically called, “Fast Start” bonuses.
      2. a. Her pay plan may require that she has personally ordered the qualifying volume points worth and she must have a minimum amount of personally referred customers to get her commissions for the month.
      b. Her 30% is a grand total that is spread out over various layers of customers in her group and may pay only 1% or 2% on customers’ orders on a specific layer of her group.
      c. Her pay plan may give the first or second customer to her sponsor or it pays her only if those customers are on her weak leg or if it’s a follow me matrix, she has to have a filled group with a set amount of customers to get paid.
      3. To qualify for commissions for the month in my plan, requires that you order a minimum 50 points worth or about $60 actual cost. One personally referred customer is implied, who may refer all the other customers on the second layer you may get paid on.

      This pays you 5% of all orders from customers on your first layer and 20% from your second layer of customers for a total of 25%. So Lulu, when your 2 customers are your personal referrals, on your first layer, your commission is only 5% on what each ordered.

      Double your order, Lulu, to get paid more and from more than only 2 layers of customers for the month.

      When you order 100 points worth for the month, it qualifies you to get paid 5% on orders from your first layer and 35% from your second layer.

      With 3 to 10 personally referred customers, this plan pays 15% from all customers on your 3rd layer and 2% to 7% on each on the next 6 layers.

      “Personal customers” are those you referred. “All customers” includes those referred into your group by your customers and their customers.

  • Q1) I doubt it. There will surely be qualifying markers, like she may have to be on autoship and commit to ordering a certain volume of goods per month, or she might have to order goods to a certain value before she could start receiving her commission.
    Q2) That she may have to order goods to a certain value as stipulated by the company, before qulaifying for the commission
    She may have to be active herself i.e. purchase a certain volume each month
    She might have to wait a month or until the commission run to receive her commission and if one of her customers purchased after the run, she may have to wait another month to receive her commission, She also has to wait for the payment to clear, particularly if it is a cheque payment . Credit card may not take quite so long.
    Q3)Lulu you need to find out what is required by your company in order for you to receive the commission.
    You could ascertain what the cut off date is for commission. For example, your cut off date may be 15th of the month so if the customer purchases after that date, the commission will be transferred to you in the next month.
    You need to ask if they receive a percentage of your commission if they order products over a certain value. For example if they order over $100.00 worth of products, they might be eligible for a 10 or 20% discount and you would only receive 20 or 10% of the total commission due.

  • 1. Yes, if she is an active consultant (maintained personal required purchases) and the customer paid srp and the purchases were in the same month..

    2. I only know about my network company and it requires $150.00 personal purchases 2 out of 3 months. You are paid on actual dollars spent by the customer.

    3. I covered question 3 in the previous answers. I’m not familiar with other businesses but I would encourage Lulu to track her sales on the company’s website where it clearly shows her what her sales are and what she will be paid on.

  • 1. We don’t have enough information to answer that question.
    2. She most likely would have to be a special kind of rep/certain level, pay a sign up fee, and most likely have to purchase a dollar or point amount every month. So she might have to have either the volume or the level.
    3. For my situation, you have to sign up at a level and purchase a point amount every month, and then you make the commission from clients. For orders placed by reps, it’s different. Another requirement could be to have a certain amount of reps signed up under you. The payment method is either by product credit or by check.

  • 1) I believe Lulu will receive a $30.00 check on each $100.00 product order.

    2) I believe Lulu has to sell a certain amount of volume of products to receive 30%.

    3) Lulu you have to be on monthly autoship of at least 100 pts or $130.00 worth of
    products to receive your 30%.
    You have to join as a distributor of at least $400.00 to start getting your 30%
    You have to start getting distributors the first 6 weeks of joining to maybe get your 30%.

  • 1) It depends

    2) A. Whether she is a distributor or some type of preferred customer herself.
    B. Whether she has met any personal volume/autoship requirements herself
    C. Whether she is at a level that pays 30%, or must complete a qualifying period at
    lower commission to be eligible

    3) Lulu, here are 3 things we need to do together to make sure you are eligible for the
    30% commission level.
    1st. Make sure all your paperwork is in correctly and you are appointed a
    distributor and acknowledged as such by the company and they have the
    information they need from you to pay you, such as SS# etc.
    2nd. Make sure that you have set up the minimum personal volume automatic
    delivery requirement.
    3rd. Make sure we work together to get you the minimum volume requirement
    from you and the people you know, to qualify for that 30%. While meeting
    that requirement this month your commission will be 15%. But everything
    you and the customers you get on the web purchase plus the customers we
    enroll together will count, so next month you will get 30% on orders like that.

  • 1) probably not. 30% may be the total payout to the entire upline. It is unclear what requirements for what portion will come to Lulu. That sentence is accurate and (in)complete. (devil in details kind of thing)
    2) a) if she needs to have a qualifying purchase that month and what kind
    b) if she needs to have a particular volume that month and how much
    c) if there are different payouts depending on whether it is a first order or not; and how much that order is and whether it is an autoship or not.

    3) Hello Lulu, congratulations on enrolling those 2 customers. Tell me how you did it and how it feels. . . .( listen, enjoy and learn. ) Couple of things to know. Our company pays 40% commission on customer orders in the retail/wholesale part of our plan. That’s the first of the 5 ways of getting paid. Because you are a wholesale purchasor member, you are elligible to 20% on all retail orders. Your upline receives the difference, or the other 20%. Make sense?
    So one of your customers enrolled at the retail level, the other joined at the 20% like you.
    On the retail customer, you will receive 20% of her $100 order, or $20. company will mail that out next month. The other customer, however, is at the same level as you, a 20%er. She, like you receives the 20% off personal purchases and 20% on any retail customers she brings in. Because you are both at the same level, you won’t receive any commission on her order this time. The good news is, with this volume you are on the way to being elligible for higher commissions so you can receive the difference between her percentage and yours. Would you like to understand what needs to happen to get to 25%? and up to the full 40%?


  • The 3 things are 1. Buying the “license”, 2. Setting up a monthly autoship, 3. And keeping her personal volume at a certain level. These 3 things will guarantee a check “after” she finds her customers and associates. She will receive a check usually around 3-4 weeks after the month’s group volume closes.
    She might not know that her own personal volume is not included in her commissions. She will not earn commission on her own volume but will probably earn a bonus through her “group volume” and usually that has to be at a certain level. She may not know the levels for these bonuses or how deep they go or what the percentages are for each level. The commission is not where the money is. It’s the bonuses. There may be “extras” that she is not aware of. There may be specials and extra bonuses like for bringing in 3 associates each month for 3 months could give you free product or a free trip. My first month in the business gave me an extra $100 for just reaching a 1,000 group volume. It was a huge surprise. MLMs have great incentives that many people don’t realize until they are in the business awhile. She may not know that if those first two customers had been put in as associates instead of as customers and she helped them get two associates or customers in the same month that her return would be much higher than the commission she is making on two customers. It’s a numbers game and she may not know the numbers. That’s why training is so important in the business. Each company does things a little different but it boils down to one thing: sponsoring businesses will bring you more money than sponsoring customers.

  • 1. Will Lulu get a check (or equivalent) for $30 for each customer’s order?
    LuLu will be paid for her customer orders if she has personally ordered a min of 50PV (approx $70 in products) in the month before her customers have ordered or if she is enrolled on “bonus protection”.

    Her “bonus protection” is an insurance policy to make sure she meets her personal monthly order requirement to be paid income from customer orders. Bonus protection orders are created when she enrolls as a representative. The products she chooses for her bonus protection are shipped on the 24th of each month. If she has already personally ordered her 50PV min BEFORE the 24th of the month, her “bonus protection” order will not be shipped.

    2. What are three things Lulu might not know about, that would block her from getting that money at all, or, getting only part of it?
    1) Lulu must be enrolled as an independent representative
    2) Lulu must have placed her own personal order of a min of 50PV/month before she gets a customer or be on “bonus protection” = insurance to maintain her income payout.
    3) If she has not fulfilled both things above she will not be paid on her customer orders.

    3. Explain to Lulu those three things she must do, as it relates to your own company.
    And if your own company doesn’t have three requirements, but only one or two, put down what others might be, based on what you know from other companies.
    1) enroll as an independent representative
    2) place an order of a min of 50PV/month (approx $70) before she has any customers
    3) enroll herself on the “bonus protection” plan, this will guarantee she is paid on customer orders.

  • 1. There are many factors that will determine what Lulu will receive. Each company is different and can depend on the comp plan, the level she entered, etc.
    2. Lulu would have to have come in as a representative, not just a customer, met all the requirements needed to receive commission on the people she brought in, etc. All comp plans seem to be different and it could be a binary and both could be on the same leg and she wouldn’t receive anything yet.
    3. Lulu, you must first place your own order. You will receive a 20% commission on points, not dollars, of the first order of the people you bring in. In the months following, the % of commission is based on your level with the company. For every person, after the first one each month, you will receive a $25 sign-up bonus (one time). This applies no matter what level you are with the company. It is in addition to other bonuses and commissions that apply. You must stay in good standing with your point order each month to receive any commissions. This will be no problem as you love the products and they are things that you buy anyway from other stores now. Since these products are higher quality, safer and healthier, your product commitment each month is assured. Once your customers try their products, they will also continue to purchase each and every month as the company has a 95% retention rate for their customers. You will be telling all your friends about the value and changes in your life since you have been using these products, especially the vitamins. As most of the products are patented and are backed by scientific research, you will feel comfortable approaching friends, neighbors, etc. with this 100% money-back guaranteed opportunity as it is NO RISK for anyone. As you can see, this is a life-long commitment for me and my family so you can be assured that I will always be here for you to answer questions, give assistance and guidance and help you grow your business and serve your customers. I am so happy to have you on board my team and I am eager to work with you and to help you achieve all your financial goals. I am looking forward to a long and rewarding relationship!

  • Lulu “signed up with a friend” so my understanding of that statement is that she is a distributor. In my company, once you’re “signed up”, you’re able to earn retail profits right away, so yes, she should receive her 30% in retail profits.

    What Lulu may not know is that her company may set requirements that need to be met before she’s able to earn at the 30% level. Things like personal volume requirements, or that the 30% may be paid only after a certain number of customers order, or that a portion of the 30% goes to her sponsoring distributor.

    Lulu, in my company you need to be signed as a distributor, once your customer registers on your website and places orders, you will receive the retail profit for all product the customer orders going forward. If the customer has questions, it is your responsibility to help them find answers.

  • 1. Only if people buy retail will they be guaranteed the same amount on their cheque. It might not be 30% – it is a stated/set amount. The company guarantees to pay out 30% and they do do that. However If the person is an associate there is a formula that is used to calculate how much of that 30% the associate qualifies to receive. It is a percentage – and this usually goes up as the volume goes up. (Thankfully these days the company, with their computers, do the calculations and cut the cheques! We don’t have to do that and write the cheques for all our downline!)

    2. a) there is a minimum QV (Qualifying Volume) one must buy in order to qualify for a cheque.
    b) must know that the amount of cheque depends on the number of people buying.
    c) the size of the cheque, in the case of my company, depends on how many below Lulu have a QV that opens up the first bonus.

    3. a) Lulu must have a QV of 100 which usually means about $ 100 purchase.
    b) As a beginner associate Lulu would then qualify for 2% – 4% of the QV to a level of 5 purchasers below her. When the volume of sales go up then she could qualify for the next step which would be an extra 6% on the first 6 levels and on it goes. Again there is more than just the Unilateral at work here and I am so glad that the Corp’s computers do all the calculations!
    c) the first bonus that opens up is once Lulu has 6 people below her, with no more than 3 in one leg, who have a QV, Lulu will automatically receive a cheque for $100. This is called the Team Bonus and Lulu is guaranteed this. That means her own QV is almost free (shipping and taxes are not included in the QV!)

    Lulu would also received a Direct Bonus cheque for every person she brings into her team.

  • Lulu: you will recieve 3o% commission on all your personal sales.(your first line directly associated to you.You maintain your commisions thru your monthly odrer being auto shipped.( a automatic order of your personal products shipped to you each month.) Now once you have gathered six customers like yourself your auto ship is not only paid for but you clear 100.00 in profit.

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