Winner for Authority contest

“This business is simple.”

Who hasn’t heard that before? If anyone ever tells you that again, refer them to this contest page. It is obviously anything BUT simple to figure out how to qualify to get paid for something as “simple” as bringing in two customers.

And the winner of Authority: How to Get it in One Week is…

Tim Wun

And. The second winner is…


Other winners: Every reader who posted response to this contest
by Wed Aug10:

A 30% discount on:
Authority: How to Get it in One Week

To get this fat discount, you must order Authority by Tuesday evening,
August 16, midnight, PST.

Email me here and put in subject:  Authority contest discount please.

Tim and Marlene, post comment here so I know you know you won.
Then email me here and I will give you the keys to get into the Authority

Congrats to all of you!  Not an easy contest.

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