Worst persuasion strategy?

Worst persuasion strategy?

Correct and convince.

“If we insist on correcting people before we convince them,
we mightpointing finger2 as well accept the fact that we’re
never likely to convince them of anything.
In fact the attempt to correct
other people often makes their current
ways of thinking even more
entrenched.” – Warren Blair

Are you doing the “correct and convince people”
strategy when you talk to them about your business or your product?

If so…that might explain why fewer folks buy or join than you are hoping.

That’s a toughie. We’ve ALL been taught to tell others
that “ours is better” than whatever THEY are doing. There
is a better way…Did you see this?

=> Here’s someone who sold his “deal” for $20 Million Dollars in
6 minutes
, using a different strategy that you can apply, too.

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