Worst Script Winners…

Well, we have two winners for the “Worst Sales Pitch” contest.

You can hear the scripts of both the winner and the runner up here…

Both won a spot in the 3-day teleconference class, “Get Customers” worth $219 and $97, respectively.

Phyllis, representing Tahitian Noni won first place and Laura, rep for NutriHarmony was runner-up…

Listen to Worst Scripts live here

Remember to TURN ON YOUR AUDIO so you can hear this 2 minute ditty.

Your classes are just magic. Actually, I have been doing this all wrong from the very beginning… The scripts are working beautifully and I actually signed up 3 new executives ($1000/each) this past week. A high for me.
Two of them I brought in just with your scripts last week and allowing them some review time…Thanks!”
-Kathy M, Pharmanex 8.9.05

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