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You a little crazy? (Like Steve Jobs)?

Steve Jobs video clip from Marketing talkDo you use and market a high-end version of a product?

If so, you’ll be seen as a little crazy…
And you are.  About that thing. Because you spend way more on it than people who buy the conventional version.

Now here’s the thing.
To sell it easily, you have to market
to other crazy ones – crazy about THAT.

Because who else would pay the price?

That’s why Steve Jobs marketed to “the crazy ones”.
His customers needed to be crazy – like Picasso, Gandhi, Einstein,
Martha Graham, Amelia Earhart, etc. to appreciate his
beautiful and user friendly machines. And buy them.

 Here’s how that applies to you.

IF you sell a high-end version of a product…say high-end skin care,
high-end vitamins, or high-end personal care products, who are you
marketing them to?


If so, expect mostly, “It’s too expensive!”


Folks who are perfectly happy with the basic or conventional version of a skin care product, say Pond’s cream for $6, will find your $79 high-end organic skin care tube ridiculously expensive.

And why not? They’re not “crazy” about their skin care.

They might be “crazy” about something else. Who knows?

Want to discover in 60 minutes how to ask for the sort of crazy person who’d WANT your high-end version of your product?

So that someone who’s crazy about say, high-end skin care, will
raise their hand when you call their names?

Learn now my latest “100 Crazy Customers 100 Days” explainer workshop. See examples from the master of marketing to the crazy ones…Steve Jobs

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