You don’t read either?

Some of you may know that Amazon has an electronic gizmo for reading books.

Today, Apple’s Steve Jobs put a fork in the gizmoAmazon Kindle – which he said would go nowhere…

“…largely because Americans have stopped reading.“It doesn’t matter how good or bad the product is, the fact is that people don’t read anymore,” he said. “Forty percent of the people in the U.S. read one book or less last year. The whole conception is flawed at the top because people don’t read anymore.”

Is that true for you? Do you no longer read? What is the means then, that you prefer to learn how to do direct sales and network marketing?

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Kim Klaver


  • Does a product have to be in every household to be considered a winner -NO

    If Amazon develops a niche market, fantastic for them. Shame on Mr Jobs for forking (?) the Kindle.

    Does this mean Mr Jobs is part of the establishment, a person who would rather judge another than applaud? My my is there a blue three piece suit in his closet?

    Thats the question!


  • Hi Kim,

    I am reading when I am not moving, speaking, showering, or sleeping.

    All non-fiction, mostly self help and marketing stuff.

    I probably average less than 5 hours of TV per month, and that is ususally non-fiction as well.

    Just call me Mr. Reality, but not Mr. Extreme.

    It would be interesting to compare entrepreneurs and reading to employees and TV/movies.

    Americans are either going to wake up or step down as world leaders.

    Let me finish this paragraph,
    Tom Doiron

  • Kim

    I read everyday, books, newspapers, e-books, anything with print.

    I have noticed over the past few months I prefer to have a real book vs. e-books. I think I get more from a book I’m holding rather than reading off a computer screen.

    I read something on the same line about Americans not reading. I can’t remember where I first read it because I read SO much. I found it strange, because I spend a lot of time at book stores and the library.

    SInce I do read a lot, I would like more actual books instead of the ebooks. Nothing beats holding a book and ear-marking it, at least for me.

  • Long live audio!

    I would rather listen to a book than read it any day. I can listen when I’m driving, I can listen in noisy places (thanks to headphones), and it’s just so much easier.

    My iPod is the best. It’s about one millionth of the size of a book (give or take), and it makes note-taking so easy.

    MP3’s are the only way to go.

    Further to that, when you can hear the author/speaker personally, it just adds to the experience.

  • For me I would say that is inaccurate. I read more now than I ever did. And if what he said was true then why was the kindle device all sold out when I looked at it? Seems to me it took off quite well. Oh and they will allow most anyone to publish a kindle book fairly easily from what I was reading. I found it quite fascinating.

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