"You Just Don’t Get It"

How often have you thought that towards someone else, when they decline your business offer or product?

“Ingrid just doesn’t get it.” “Why can’t Oscar see the big picture?”

Marc Cuban, a multi-multi-millionaire from his Internet ventures, is approached dozens of times each week by people wanting his money, his time, and his endorsement.

Today, Marc posted that if anyone seeking him out with a proposition ever says that to him again – that he (Marc) “just doesn’t get” the great thing being pitched – well, he’ll NEVER do business with them.

Because with that, you’ve just proven to him that you’re lazy and arrogant.

Be careful how you treat others whose money and time you seek for your business or product.

They may very well get it, and still decline. Yep. Turning down the greatest opportunity in the history of the world.

Insulting them (“you don’t get it/see it/if you could just see what I see…”) is the height of arrogance.

This is especially true when you’re approaching people with your product or business. E.g., calling leads, running ads, trying whatever to get people to respond to your offer.

Even when someone approaches you to discuss your business, do not insult them with such an attitude.

A different view is just that. Different. So let go and move on.

P.S. We should not be so arrogant in any event. If the NM business opportunity were really that awesome, wouldn’t more folks be making it?

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Kim Klaver


  • This is key for anyone. Whether it’s explaining your business or anything else. Especially if you have a presence on the internet.

    If you have a blog and comments come through that do not share your viewpoint, welcome them and use them as a chance to NICELY explain why you feel the way you do. Look at the comments and take into consideration what the other person is saying. You don’t have to agree with them, but as long as they are not attacking and mean, address them and get in a dialog.

    Don’t EVER tell someone in public where others can read that they are dumb, stupid, don’t get it, uneducated, idiot, etc… This just makes YOU look bad, not the person who you think is all of those things. For that matter, don’t tell them that in private either because bad word of mouth spreads like wildfire.

    When you’re talking with someone about your business, try this:

    What would your answer be if your GRANDMOTHER (aunt, uncle, mom, dad, etc…) just asked the same question. Find some validity in the question or statement and answer it. Don’t call them names and treat them like idiots. No one wants to be treated that way and if you are the one treating them like that, they will remember your name forever. You never know who they may tell their story to or who they may become.

    ~ Roxanne ~

  • PS Kim,

    You said “If the NM business opportunity were really that awesome, wouldn’t more folks be making it?”

    The answer is NO because there are still uplines out there teaching people to hype people into the business. The hypy slick salesmen types are the ones who give you the attitude you speak of.

    NM IS an awesome opportunity, however, not many people are taught ways to get people coming to them instead of chasing people. Not many people are lucky enough to have someone teach them exactly how to market to get people asking them “What do you do?” “What is your business?”

    Do you know that well over half of the blogs and websites that I see don’t even have the person’s NAME on them OR their phone number? My phone number is all over the place. My name is everywhere. I am accessible to people and people call me to say “I’m looking for a company and I want to do whatever you’re doing because you can teach me”

    If more sponsors taught their organizations how to create that, this industry would EXPLODE. But I like the fact that most uplines either can’t or won’t teach their downlines that because some of those people are the ones who call me and ask if they can join my business.

    ~ Roxanne ~

  • Hi Kim,

    I went to Mark’s blog , read all the comments, and left one of my own.

    I called this type of comment “business immaturity”. Like Roxanne stated, derogatory remarks to prospects make you look the idiot and stick to you like gum in your hair.

    Through the years I have field trained a lot of sales rookies. I used to marvel when they would display anger to the customer that would not close. Same mentality.

    Thanks for putting out the good stuff, Kim.

    I get it,
    Tom Doiron

  • Interesting post and I do agree with Mark – doesn’t seem like a lot of his readers have agreed so I guess they just don’t get it.

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