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On the left column, about midway down, and on the right, a ways further down, is an RSS link. Looks like this:

Next to it is a text link: “Subscribe in a reader”

If you haven’t, go ahead and click that and try it.

An RSS reader is like an email program, which brings all your emails together in one window so you can see what’s new. It’s free to boot.

An RSS reader does that for blog posts or news sites, which change almost each day. It’s a way to save time – you don’t click on your 5-10 favorite sites each day – you check your RSS reader which, like email, shows you what’s new with Headlines and a few lines of text. You can read the whole piece in the reader, or click on the site…Great for scanning what’s new.

I use a Google Reader. It’s easiest to use for me.

If you’re new to RSS, here’s a little 3.5 minute video. And under that, a text description from Widipedia.

Video (3.5 mins)

Widipedia explains it in text here.

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