Your Wallet: Mad About 29.9% Interest?

Had it with the big banks being bailed out by taxpayer money? And then jacking up the interest to 29.9% on your credit card? Or terminating your account?

Too-big-to-fail banks are profiting from bailout dollars and government guarantees, and growing bigger. See here.

Here’s something I’m doing with my dollars, along with tens of thousands of others:

Move it. To a local community bank that cares more about you and that is making loans at reasonable rates. (Find yours here.)

Could have a big impact on those big banks.

Check out this delightful vid:

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Kim Klaver


  • You sound kind of angry… One thing I have learned in my many years of business is that it is a good idea to make decisions with a cool head. I have let my ego and my rightous anger get the best of me before.

    If changing banks gets you better rates or saves or makes you more money, I say go for it!

  • Hi Brian…

    I surely agree about making decisions with a cool head. I'm not changing banks to get better rates or save me money or make me money.

    I'm changing because I don't want the big banks to have my money at all, because I don't like the kinds of things they do with it. And I don't like how they treat their customers from whom they have received all the money they have. And I am just one of millions.

    So I hope millions of folks move their money to local banks, for whatever reason they want. My reasons are those above.

    If it were not for the Internet, we'd never know how widespread the bad things big banks do to regular people, is.

    So I am letting my readers know what and why I'm doning something that is a pain…Changing banks.


  • Happy New Year Kim,

    Thanks for the suggestion, and a damn good one I might add.

    Even if you were angry; it is appropriate in this case. The situation makes me mad. Apathy and compliancy contribute to the success of the schemes of the greedy Mr. Potters.

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