102% drop out rate?!

The CEO of the Direct Sales Association, Neil Offen, once told a large audience that there was a 102% attrition rate (=drop out rate) in the network marketing business.

More than 100%?


Because so many people sign-up in more than one company, and then quit all of them.

And everyone blames the recruits of course. Lazy, weak, won’t commit, don’t believe, won’t do what it takes, don’t really want the good things in life, etc.

But they said it would be easy, didn’t they? And that we could make money fast? And that ANYONE can do it? And that everyone would want the product and a better life? Didn’t they promise us that?

Could it be these promises, made by nearly every company and nearly every rep in them, that are the reason why “half the population of the United States, based on our latest research, have a negative or somewhat negative perception of us”? quote from the DSA President’s address-click here.

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