25 Ways to Distinguish Yourself

In the #5 most popular ChangeThis Manifesto (out of some 200+), serial entrepreneur Rajesh Setty, now an investor and author based in Silicon Valley, puts forth 25 ways to rise above the crowd. Here is #5:

#5: Set the right expectations.

“Underpromise and overdeliver”

Easier said than done. Most projects fail even after the team puts in a lot of hard work. Many times the project’s success is not even dependent on the amount of effort that is put into the project. If wrong or unrealistic expectations are set, even the smartest teams can fail. The #1 requirement to succeed in a project is to set the right expectations for all parties involved.” (emphasis added – kk) P.6. See here.

Underpromise and overdeliver.

Who dares to carry this as the banner for their NM/MLM recruiting?

P.S. “To act and talk as if it’s a regular recommendation from one friend to another, and then surprise them at the end with, “Oh I sell it,” is a guaranteed trustbuster.” p. 5. New Manifesto: “Friends, Lies…” click here to download – free.

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Kim Klaver


  • Makes me think about something our CEO begged us not to do when talking about our Fruits & Veggies in a Smoothie: “Don’t promise cures… just let them be surprised at what good nutrition can do.”

    Under promising and overdelivering is a refreshing business model and will make us be a “Purple Cow” very unique.

    My kids EATING MORE helped me eat less? Heres how…

  • Kim,

    I have read your posts for months… and never responded. But for some reason now is the time. This one point says so much about what is wrong with our industry… we OVERPROMISE!!!!!!!!! too many exclamation points. Why do we do this? Maybe one reason is fear… we’re afraid if we tell them the truth they won’t join us. This is a great challenge…underpromise and overdeliver. Kim…you are an original. Thanks for all you do to bring some sanity into this crazy, but wonderful industry.

  • One of the underpromise aspects of our company website is their headline: “The next best thing to fruits and vegetables.” No screaming, no promising. And yet plenty of overdelivery in maintaining health and preventing disease.

    The line Kim has taught us, “I don’t know if this will work for you the way it did for me, but what if it does?” is classic underpromise and overdeliver since we all feel we have good reason for deep faith in our products based on personal knowledge, shared experiences, and quality research.


  • I’ve tried approaching the selling my product in many different ways. I feel most natural talking a little about many different parts of it – only when someone shows an interest or asks.

    Things like: how I and others use it, some science (not hype), some how amazed I am at times ( this one is a prime example), and I never make it a secret that I actually sell my product.

    I have never liked the idea of it being like recommending it like you would a movie to a friend – that always struck me as trickery, not to mention really dumb.

    I’ve found that talking about my product the way “I” feel most comfortable works best. I think there’s something to be said for each person (us) being themselves and completely at ease, no matter what they’re saying, that other people enjoy most.

  • “Underpromise and OverDeliver”

    I hate to say it but this is basic old school classic sales training, something, whether or not we agree with all aspects of it, most NM’ers need desperately.

    I can still remember the first time I heard Zig Ziglar say, in a way that only he can say it, many years ago: “I can’t just give you your moneys worth, I’ve got to give you a bargain, and a good one at that.”

    If you will underpromise and overdeliver, over time you will build a great network of business.


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