3 Tips to work difficult customer leads

Did a call last night for folks who buy leads from a big customer leads generation company. (I use ‘leads’ because the company does, but of course they’re all regular, real people, like us.)

Several hundred people on the phone, from some 40 different companies. Some of their complaints about the leads:

1. How come they never answer the phone? They filled out the survey, didn’t they?
2. They don’t buy, even though they said they were interested, in the survey.
3. They say it’s too expensive.

Some things I told them.

(How come they never answer the phone? They filled out the survey, didn’t they?)
1. Most of us are window shopping most of the time. When we fill out a health survey online to get a free sample, we’re mostly window shopping. We are not sitting by the phone right after hitting ‘submit’, waiting for the sales person to call. You can bet that 50%+ of folks who fill out an online health or other such survey are just window shoppers.

Translation: few will answer their phone if they don’t recognize the number on their caller ID. Filling out the survey was not nearly as important to them as it is to you. No survey company can control window shoppers or insincere people looking for a freebie. Keep dialing, try different times of day.

(They don’t buy, even though they said they were interested, in the survey.)
2. Most people don’t buy health supplements or personal care products from a stranger over the phone the first time they speak. Try these:

A) Use the referral question ALWAYS (See freebie tip on that download here: Friends, Lies…) and
B) learn to tell the person your personal story (“If My Product book, 3 Scripts CD here)before you describe the product, the company or any of the things that LEAST matter to someone else at first.

(They say it’s too expensive.)
3. When they ask the price, perhaps begin with “That depends…let me tell you how it comes.” If you have told your story and asked the referral question FIRST, this goes down much better. Because they’re not the ones buying remember, their referrals might be. 🙂

And if they say it IS too expensive, could it be that you have someone whose values for your product are different than yours? Some people buy a Range Rover, others, a Chevy – even when they can afford both. Some pay $45 for face cream, others buy Ponds for $6. It’s about their values, not yours. Your shoe size, not theirs. So keep calling and asking if they know anyone…the way you learned above.


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  • I found that by using the techniques in Kim’s book and CD series “If My Product is So Great – How Come I Can’t Sell It?”, the customer profiles (leads) by Virtual Office Systems (VOS), and my own story (leading with my story) I am able to get customers far better than any other method I have tried. I love starting with people who have expressed and interest in health and filled out an extensive survey on their issues and needs. I’m willing to let go the one’s that are venting, think my product is too expensive, or were just looking for something for free. While the survey is not a guarantee of a sale, it beats the stuffing out of excel sheets with names and phone numbers or cold calling.

    Kim Klaver and Dave Glickman (in NMC and I-Gaggle) are the only two people whose company focuses on the importance of customers to build your business.

  • Hi Kim,

    I was on that call. I’ve been buying their leads for several months now. Have not had a lot of luck calling them and using their training. I was on the call to hear what advice you had. The leads company’s training teaches a lot of high pressure sales techniques that I’m not comfortable with. I like your advice much better. I will put it to use.

    Many people have a high expectation of leads, whether they are customer leads or business opportunity leads. I’ve learned the hard way that most of them only filled out the survey out of curiosity. Hey, I’ve done that myself. Why should I be surprised that someone else would too?

    When training others, we should let them know the reality of calling leads.

    Joe Washburn
    MLM Is About You.

  • Hi Kim,

    I know a lot of people buy leads, but I choose not to do that. I think it works much better if a person is able to generate leads on their own. This possible with a good system.

    I use such a system that enables me to connect with people who already believe in MLM and are either looking for a good MLM company to join or are struggling and looking for answers.

    I am able to build relationships with them and hook them into the system that I use which is generic and provides great training and skills for anyone in MLM.

    As a result, some people choose to join me in my biz. For the others how don’t I just help them in any way I can.

    This is what works best for me.

  • Leads can be tough.

    I think the most important thing is to make it a nice experience and ask them if you can keep in touch.

    Who knows when they might have a change of mind?

    I always ask business leads (who say they aren’t interested) if I can call them in 6 months to see if something has changed. About half say yes.

    Walter Reade (from Wisconsin)

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