Advisor OR Seller, Which One Would You Choose?

Advisor OR Seller? | Authority MarketingAdvisor or seller?

(This might cause some squirming…)

Would you prefer to be perceived by prospects who don’t know you – for your high-end skin care or nutritional supplements – as an advisor or a seller?

Did you say advisor?

OK so if you chose advisor

  • If one of the first things the prospect sees with you (your FB page or profile, your email signature, etc) is the company webpage, or your company product image or product name… will your recommendations about which product to use be seen as coming from an advisor?

Or a seller?

Another example…

Imagine nosing around on FB for advice on high-end but non – toxic jewelry.

You scan various FB pages, profiles, etc.

  • Would you want advice about what to buy from someone whom you can see right off represents a specific line …?
  • Or would you want advice from someone you can see is into jewelry but you have no idea what line (if any) she represents from her webpage or email signatures?

Because the info you see there there is just the advice she’s offering on high-end non-toxic jewelry?

PS Yep I have a program on creating advisor signatures and FB advisor type content. First decide if you want to come across as an advisor. Versus a seller. 🙂

PS How to come across as an advisor… my eBook, “If My Product’s So Great, How Come I Can’t Sell It?Get it on the house here...

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