How To Make Selling Superfluous?

When you become a class act marketer, the “selling becomes superfluous.How To Sell | Authority Marketer

So what’s a class act marketer?

Someone who has learned to help others value what they offer.

The way to do this is NOT to wave product images around, or to tell them how great we think we are… Nope.

The way to do that is to demonstrate the value we can offer, As an individual (YOU Inc), by giving them info they can use on the spot to get the result they want…

Proving our credibility first. (Think the Chiros who do sample adjustments in many farmer’s markets… or massage therapists who do five minute demos…)

And no, I do NOT mean you should be sampling the product everywhere. That gets expensive – especially if you’re handing out expensive samples willy nilly…

Who’s working on becoming a Marketer? Instead of a seller or pitch person for your product or company?

PS Best program I have that teaches this is Authority Marketer. We have a group of 65 doing this live, right now, and we are creating “authority” Facebook pages together where strangers become followers. Check it out here

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