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To sell or not to sell MLM…

QuestionMark_Red2To sell or not to sell MLM…

Thought with the discussion about some people hating on MLM, especially on Facebook, you might find this helpful…

Consider not selling network marketing. Not on FB, or one-on-one.


Yup. Don’t lead with it (or anything that sounds like MLM) when prospecting. Here’s a story to demonstrate…

Hypnosis is sort of like MLM. Lots of people don’t like it, even though they know little about it.

The gent who built the largest chain of hypnosis centers across the USA tells how he did that – by NOT mentioning hypnosis in any of their ads. He talked about the problems people had (need to stop smoking, lose weight, get motivated, earn more income, etc.) in the ads…and how there was this way to help, but they need to call, apply and see if it would be right for them.

They grew like crazy. By NOT selling hypnosis. Because people were not looking for hypnosis. They wanted to find ways to solve their problem. (Which hypnosis could and does solve, for many…)

In building the five companies I built to the top, I never “sold” network marketing (or MLM) directly. And selling the product, I was always a top customer getter – but I didn’t promote “the product”. (I don’t promote any business right now except my own coaching programs.)

Bottom line: Innovate. Lead with the problems you have or have had, and how you’ve found a way to (start) to overcome them. And you direct your FB copy or your conversations to people who either have that issue or might know someone who has that issue. And let them know where to email you to set up a time to talk, in case you can help them.

The last two companies I built to the top in the last four years, I built all online, on FB and email, exactly like that.

It’s risque and different, but we all know what made Apple the #1 company in the world, right?

“Think Different” anyone?

PS If you’d like the PDF version of this, click here…

PPS I have a short audio that shows how I sold $65K worth of water filters in my first 90 days 25 years ago.  I never sold the product.  Listen to what I did here

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