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How I got 2.2 million perfect leads from Facebook, FREE

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2.2 million perfect leads from Facebook, FREE?

Yes. Unbelievable.  

 But it just happened for me and it’s one of the FAB advantages of advertising on FB.
 They will GIVE YOU those perfect leads, too – No cost.

 Had it not happened to me, I would NOT have believed it. 

1. Are you hungry like I was – and am – to learn to market on Facebook?

2. And do you have at least $5/Day to advertise to the perfect audience for your thing on FB?

This WED – In my Explainer Workshop –

1.  When you have a “small” list – say 100-500 people, how do you get 10,000 more – without paying one dime?

 2. When you have NO list, I’ll show you a wonderful way to build it up from ZERO by attracting people who are already  attracted to what you do, only you don’t know who or where they are.

 3. Facebook doesn’t allow home businesses to advertise there. That includes MLMs and Network Marketing Companies.

You’ll discover a way to get Facebook’s right audience to follow you… without getting in trouble with FB because you won’t be breaking any of their rules…

4. Your company likely doesn’t allow you to advertise on FB either…(read the policies).  But I’ll show you how to do it  without breaking a single company policy rule…

5. I’ll show you the Reese’s Pieces Method for attracting the right people to you, as many as you want…Experiment for under $5/day.

 How To Sell by NOT Selling On Facebook.

 June 17, WED, 1PM PDT 4PM EDT

 Live. With me. 

 Register for this Facebook for Beginners Explainer’s Workshop HERE

 Warning: This is a fun class for beginners.  It’s an explainer workshop.

 NOT $497 or $297.  No.  Just $27

PS. TIME LIMITED BONUS. Anyone who registers BY Saturday, June 13, gets a follow up session with me in a live group call…No cost. 🙂

I’m super excited to offer this.  You coming?

Grateful Peanuts

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  • I love Facebook advertising. When done right it is a great way to get leads, customers and sales. It is tough to do it in the MLM niche, but I do very well with Facebook ads for my military website. I normally get a huge ROI whenever I invest money on ads. You will have to go through a learning curve, but if you get started, learn from your mistakes, make small adjustments along the way, and keep at it, you can figure it out and do very well with it. Just my two cents.


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