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A GREAT way to get an audience of your own…

Crowd cheering with lightsA GREAT way to get an audience of your own…

“Get a platform.”

Huh? A platform?!  Here’s an example…

You like TALKING?  If so, try this:

1) Get a podcast set up…iTunes, SoundCloud…(Google it)

2) Find a leader (mid-level is fine) in your business or field, to interview.

3) Contact 5 of them….(Facebook is fine, and expect a few NOs or no responses.)

4) “Hey there Ms Guru-to-me…

I’ve been a fan for….(time)

I love how you (say something specific they do for the business that you admire
And I’d LOVE to interview you on my podcast!

When would you be available?…”

5) Of course have your questions ready…The same ones you’d ask her if you could have a private sit down with them – about what they did to build their business…

Your platform?

= Your Podcast.

And Ms Guru will likely send HER list to YOUR podcast...which will make YOU known to HER list…And SHE gets to say she was interviewed making her look great to her followers!

And some will sign up for your podcast for your future podcasts.

And that’s how your “following”- for you and your podcast begins.

With no buying or spending money to advertise…

Rinse and repeat.

And use the name of the first person you interviewed, to encourage the next person to say, “Yes!”


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