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OK Facebook lovers – answer this…

email overloadOK answer this…

There’s one thing I’ve done for 25 years to get the right
people to come to me, and buy.

That one thing, some people today call, “Give results in advance”.

I never called it anything because I always just “did it.”

On Facebook, “giving results in advance” is the only effective way to market.

In fact, in my Facebook Explainer Workshop this WED, I’m going to pop
$100 cash into any attendee’s PayPal account – on the spot – who gives
me the best answer for how to do this, for THEIR business.

This will be the question:

What is ONE way that you can give “results in advance”
to your ideal customer prospect – so they KNOW for sure
you can help them solve a specific problem they WANT to
solve ASAP – so THEY ask YOU:

“Where can I buy your thing because I want the rest of this?”

Want to try your hand at it?

PS Example…Say I put out there:  “Five Worst Things To Say To a Good Prospect.”  Someone who wants to know that, will click.  And they will see the five worst things to say to a good prospect.  At the bottom of that same page, I might put this:
“Three ways to say No first so everybody stays friends…”  If a person clicks that, sees the three ways, and likes that, they’ll be thinking:  What else do you have?  You have a book with all these language examples?
So they’ll be looking for something more to dig into…because they liked the results in advance they got from my language tips.

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