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Network Marketing – Tips And How To

“Don’t DO leads! It’s not duplicatable! Don’t DO a blog! It’s not duplicatable! Don’t do Periscope! It’s not duplicatable!” (or ‘duplicable’ ha)

News flash: The MARKETING part of network marketing is not laid down in stone for you to follow, by your company. It wouldn’t even be legal. Because. You. Are. An. Independent. Contractor.

The “how to” of bringing in customers and reps is up to you.


The company will have tips, and a “system” they suggest…especially for new people. If you’re new to network marketing, of course find out what that is, study it and learn it well enough so you know if that resonates with you.

But really, as to HOW you bring in your customers, and your reps and partners, that is UP TO YOU. You might follow the “system” or not.

Depends on who you are. How experienced you are. How confident you are and a bunch of other things.

You might do a blog (without mentioning the product or company name) or do Periscope or Facebook…Many company rep leaders DO that.

However, they don’t start out teaching these strategies to new people right away…And maybe even never.

It’s safest for new reps and partners to start by learning the company’s system, unless they are super experienced network marketers, in which case they’ll have their own personal system.

Caveat. Now, whether you “teach” new people YOUR methods, or start them off with the company’s suggested system for noobs, that is up to you. I’d suggest to always start with the company system first, for noobs.

I didn’t teach leads to new people even though I love doing leads. After my folks got the basics down, I’d offer my picnic table of ways to find customers and reps.

That way a person could choose “how to market” based on their experience, their style, their personality, and what resonated with them.

Make sense?

PS If one of your folks wants to say, blog, and brings in 100 customers and 9 reps or partners, would you want her to give those people back? Just because “everyone” won’t blog or aren’t interested in doing that?

Bottom line: Show the noobs the company system. Then offer those who’d like to see other options, a picnic table of other options OTHER reps are doing well. So they have models to follow. Make sense?

PS How to “Sell” on Facebook by NOT selling on Facebook?  Yep, that’s what I do, right here

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