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prospects - network marketingHave you ever wondered how we can often tell, IN ADVANCE, how long it’ll likely take someone to ramp up, make some money for themselves – AND us?

Ha. This is something I learned MANY years ago…8 minutes of me telling you how we did that then, and now…

PS Also thrilled to tell ya that because YOU are listening, this little unknown podcast 4 weeks ago ranked #4 in NEW and NOTEWORTHY for all of marketing and management (some 1,000 new podcasts there.)

We are the only Network Marketing podcast in the top five. Or top ten. Or actually in the top 20.

The. Only. One. THANK YOU!!!

So tune into this if you want to know who’s likely gonna to fast… or not.

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PS Recorded this in 2005. If I were to do that today I’d add only ONE thing…

  • Hear the three categories…Then…

Anyone who can guess what that fourth predictor of NM success would be, will likely be one of the best recruiters here. We will honor you. Yup.

PS If you don’t have iTunes you can listen right here, on the house

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