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Network Marketing – Decision Making

“I am interested in internet marketing though I’ve been told to stay away and learn the system which they say is duplicable.” – Pauline Harry

Same gal also posted she’s a product person but was told start with recruiting.Network Marketing - Decision Making

So…I’ve coached hundreds of women who’ve told me the same thing over the years. Namely they tell their upline that their style is A, and they’re told, “No, do B“.



  • If folks who come into our business are “not allowed” – by strong discouragement from upline – to build their business using their own tendencies and preferences, is that a good thing?
  • Could we be driving good people away insisting there is only one way?

What say you?

PS Are some folks “firing the boss” only to get a new one?

PS Best way I know to build a big fat customer base… and yes there IS money in those customers… Some even become Reps like I did.. Here’s what I did

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