Afraid to be rich?

Afraid to be rich?

The conference call had about 155 people on it. All network marketers
wanting to learn to “stop struggling” in their MLM.

Suddenly the conference call leader asked the group:

“Who here wants to get rich?”


Finally, some mumblings…a few YESs…

“OK!” Then he goes:

“Who here wants financial freedom?”

An instant chorus shouts out:

“Meeeee!!!! I do!!!!! Yeah!!!!!”


I guess some people have issues with becoming “rich”?
But “financial freedom” is OK?

Is “rich” the new bad for you?

One a pad write down the answer to these two questions:

1. How much do you have to earn per month to be “financially free”?

2. How much do you have to earn per month to be “rich”?

Is there a difference in the number?

Obviously, if a large number of folks have become uncomfortable
with wanting to become “rich” chances are it might never happen.

Maybe it’s a conspiracy that the super rich have foisted on
the masses to keep them barely able to keep up.  Fewer peeps
to deal with in those elite circles, then.  Think?

Bottom line.  Know what you want.  Go get it.  I’ll help.

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Kim Klaver


  • I put down 8500 a month to financial freedom and 40,000 a month to be somewhat rich
    I feel afraid of success and making a large amount of money doesn’t seem possible some times.

  • My Answer:
    Put down a Realistic number, such as $3000.00 or $4000.00 dollars per month which should help keep most people out of bad trouble or worries. Then, if more is needed get after it in small actions that are doable.
    “RICH” .. Is to Wake Up In The Morning and KNOW To GIVE THANKS For All You Have ~ “Even If That Is Nothing” ~ Because, “YOU ARE ALIVE” .. You Can BREATH, SEE, HEAR and SMELL all of the Beautiful things “GOD” Gave Us and that is a lot MORE than Most Have! … That’s being “RICH” …

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