And the leading cause of stress is…

“Reality is the leading cause of stress among those in touch with it.” – Lily Tomlin

Compare two lists of ten ways to cut back on stress.

List #1. Top item: Find An Outlet – A hobby, like fishing

List #2. Top item: Be passionate – About how your work improves people’s lives

Which one do you think would help YOU more?

Something to ponder for those who pick #1: Why does your work have to be something so unpleasant and stressful that you need a break from it? That was the whole point of the wonderful book, “Get Back in the Box” by Doug Rushkoff.

Do what you love madly and at least you will be feeling good about yourself. Plus those around you will be delighted to have gotten to interact with you about that thing, versus someone who is so stressed out by what they do, or who just does it for the money.

Anyway, the two lists of ten ways to relieve stress are right here.

Thanks, Seth.

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