Are we responsible for the behavior of the hypey recruiters?

In an interesting post, Seth Godin asks if we, as consumers, are not in fact responsible for the behavior of marketers. Including (and especially) the bad ones.

“Why does spam exist? Because (some) people respond to it. Why are ineffective pharmaceuticals so heavily marketed? Because (some) people demand that doctors prescribe them. Why are so many local stores struggling? Because so many customers cross the street to the big box stores.”

Why do NM recruiters and companies continue to make big financial promises, when most people quit (and lose money)?

Because enough people respond. They buy the big packages. It’s enough to keep the game going. No matter that most of them fail. A new crop is in the wings – ready to buy the dream.

Why are 2/3 of Americans overweight or obese? Because so many folks eat junk food. And consume white bread, white rice, pasta, potatoes, sugar, candy and alcohol.

Are we then not complicit in the behavior of the sellers and vendors we so love to hate? If true, do we have any right to complain about such shady and self serving behavior?

Your take?

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Kim Klaver


  • Yes, we are responsible for our own behavior.

    I am in network marketing because I responded to the hype. I got the call from the friend of 34 years that was making a killing after only one year, but his appeal to me was sincere – he wanted me to be able to experience the same success he was.

    So my initial approach to others was in line with my initial response. But now that I have learned more about the industry, my approach is changing. This is a tremendous industry, but it needs new leaders at ground level to rebuild its reputation.

    It’s one of the first things we should teach those we sponsor. This is YOUR business, and YOU are responsible for your own behavior. Never stop looking in the mirror, and if you are doing something you should not be doing, change it.

  • Whether or not we actually are responsible for “hypey” representations of our business, by our association with it we are held responsible because of our very association with them (and the company represented).

    Yes, people obviously do respond to the hype, but if you have a long-term vision of your business you need to ask yourself if those who do respond to hype and get-rich-quick rhetoric are really the type of people you wish to get involved (with).

    Personally, I choose to focus my efforts and energies on attracting people who understand that this is a business – not a lottery – and all business takes time, effort, and education, all of which must be focused, to achieve any degree of success, both short-term and long-term.

    I would prefer to sign up 2 people who understand this principle than 100 people who are susceptible to the hype and will be gone in a few weeks because they’re not rich yet.

    It’s no small wonder that you see “shovel sellers” targeting members of different NM programs with ads such as “X Distributors – learn how to explode your downline with our system.” I don’t want my downline to “explode” – I want them to succeed!

  • 8/11/08
    I will omit I am responsible for all my actions.
    There is a saying “when you know better you do better”.

    I did not know better, but that didn’t excuse me from being more diligent and asking more questions,
    however, I didn’t ask enough of the right questions.

    You would think after 8 unsuccessful attempts in 8 different companies I would learn.

    Well I now, know better and am doing better.

    Why? Someone thought enough of me to send an e-mail to help start my education of the MLM business.

    Mentoring For Free founder, Michael Dlouhy,explained in regular lanuage that I could understand that it was not my fault, thus began my journey into being a better business woman.

    Michael taught me how to think, not what to think. He inspired me so much that I became a mentor to others who were also looking for

    When I got my head wrapped around the whole, true picture of the business I was in, I could do three simple steps, make a Plan, Do, and Review.
    Kim, that simple 3 step plan works today and every day I work the plan.

    To lift our selves above the crowd is certainly an accomplishment, but to raise others is what leadership is about!

    Leaders Lead! Leaders Read!
    Leaders ask questions! Leaders are great over comers!

    Leaders look for solutions to problems, not to blame others. They set the pace and example in the industry.

    Kim, I praise you for asking thought provoking questions of ALL IN THE INDUSTRY.

    Lynn Rothfuss

  • When i first started in my mlm company i was attracted by the big money and the life style! I thought, “why not me? If they can do it, i can do it too!” Yeah right, i wish it was that easy… anyway.

    So when i started promoting my products and my business i started using the same words, phrases, language, because i didn’t know better. Does that take the responsibility away from me? Of course not!

    Of course we are responsible. But what do you do when you don’t know better. When you don’t know that there is something else out there, something different, like your training for example.

    I was rebellious enough to start searching for a different way. To do it MY way. So i found so many things that has now changed the way even my upline does business and talks on the phone and advertises.(and he has a huge organization)

    So we are responsible either way. But now that we know better, lets change it. One person at a time starting with us. 😉

    Theodore from Greece

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