"Are you stripping down on the first date?"

Many of you have heard that on my calls, my CDs, books…

It’s my favorite example to encourage you not to say too much on that first date with someone – about your product or business. Better to leave them hankering for a little more. Be mysterious, not show-it-all obvious.

Well lucky me…I came across a live example. Avert your eyes if seeing naked arms makes your nervous…


Do you agree with that comment under the picture?

Here’s a bit more from our friend Kathy Sierra…

“Brains are turned on by puzzles. Brains are turned on by figuring things out. Brains are turned on by even the smallest “aha” moments. And despite what some of you (*cough* men *cough*) might believe, the brain is more turned on by seeing just the arms of a naked woman behind a shower curtain than it is by seeing all of her. So if you’re trying to engage someone’s brain, don’t show everything. Let their brain connect the dots.”

Oh networkers – what more can I say?

The story continues…

“At least, that’s what the neuroscientists say in the latest issue of Scientific American Mind. In their article The Neurology of Aesthetics…”Click here to continue…

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  • I completely agree – never “strip down on the first date”. . . leave some allure. And if you do, it could cost you the other person’s respect, or the possibility of a second date.

    I have been having great fun shopping on the NMC site and contacting other reps.

    I had an interesting experience when I contacted one gal about a service and she gave me a call. She was incredibly enthusiastic about her product – very over the top enthusiastic and a bit pushy. When I asked her if reps got a bigger discount on the product (as is true for my company, with no monthly qualifiers to get the discount), she immediately jumped on me about how much money I could make as a rep, and told me all sorts of stories about the top earners in her company. When I asked her how much people at her distributor level made on average, she dodged the question – repeatedly.

    Moral of the story: Just if someone asks about the distributor discount, that does not mean, necessarily, that he/she wants to be a business builder. That person may just like getting a deal on a quality product – just like me.

  • Yes, I agree
    It’a not a good idea to reveal all that you have until you find out what a person is really interested in.

    They may only want to get the largest dicount for quality products like I first did. Then I saw the possibilities for myself.

  • Oh, you MIGHT get a few by fire-hosing them but – just like someone stripping on the first date, do you REALLY want those kinds of folks in your business??

  • We call it “not dumping your cookies in the lobby.” Means don’t give out all your sweets at once.

    Also, you need something to re-heat a prospect when you make that second call to them. Got to pop them back into the microwave to heat them up again.

    So save something to tell them on the next call, a fact or a special deal…something with value…that will recharge their interest and might tip them into making a decision that’s favorable to you, i.e., they buy or they join.

  • Getting naked can be embarressing. It is best to wait until you know someone before you show your stuff. I have learned this in this busines over and over. Sometimes I still go stupid but not like I used too.

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