Best way to make money online?

How to websites, blogs and newsletters are at the top of the money-making heap.

In and for niche markets: how to swing a golf club; how to stay fit; how to eat real food on a pauper budget.

Want to do your part? What do you know how to do, that you love to do, and can teach others by writing about it (or making audios or videos) online?

Caveat: The number one money-maker in the online how to category: how to make money online. Beware, however. Seth Godin calls these:

“The most obvious trap online: websites that make money by teaching you about making money by using the web.”

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Kim Klaver


  • Kim, the progression away from network marketing continues? When you move on to other fields and other crops your old crops are more likely to wither and die from neglect or lack of focused attention. How about this, we build our network marketing businesses. Sponsoring 20 to 30 motivated individuals should provide 4-6 leaders unless you picked a dud of a business and work with unmotivated individuals. Think 80 / 20 rule: talk to 100, find 20 are interested and 4 get started (that means 500 to 750 quality conversations). Or become an internet marketer with a list of 5000 plus subscribers and live sale to sale. There are lots of ways to make money. Decide on one and go until. Think?

  • Dean – you write “Kim, the progression away from network marketing continues? When you move on to other fields and other crops your old crops are more likely to wither and die from neglect or lack of focused attention.”

    Other fields? You mean blogging? Blogging, to me, is another way to market anything directly, and much of NM is marketing directly, including online. This blog for example, I have had going for years, and before that a newsletter. All about ideas for marketing one’s business and products online.

    Blogging is a way to do marketing, especially network marketing. People have bought my books and CDs for years because of this blog.

    There are people whose love for health ideas, for example, get picked up by Fox News online, or Reuters, and they get many good leads from readers there who otherwise would never have heard about them – because their blog reflects information that’s useful to those readers. So when they recommend a position paper on a topic, many folks opt in, and over time, try the blogger’s products or even, business.

    I think limiting oneself to doing sales pitches online, which is what many network marketers do because that’s what they think they should do, is ineffective. Other people don’t want to be sold. So blogging is a way to get your ideas out there, and read. Then you start to build trust. Then perhaps, some sales.

    NM today is much harder than before, as is sales. Trust must be built up before people buy from strangers, especially products like supplements. And even more so, for spending one’s time, money and energy on a business.

    Blogging is a way to demonstrate that you know something, are passionate about something, and THOSE readers may turn into customers or referral sources.

    It’s a long term strategy however, as is sales and NM. Something many old timers haven’t gotten used to yet in today’s market place.

    Blogging too, is long term. But what if one of your posts gets picked up by a Fox News or Reuters, and you begin building trust for yourself that was earned by others?

    You can buy ads on Fox News too, that’s quicker for visibility. But it’s not as trusted as a blogger’s voice that’s genuine.

    It’s a longer term thing today to expect success in sales. Other than commodities like CDs, people don’t readily buy new and unknown products from strangers – especially when it matters to them.

    So blogging is a great marketing strategy no matter what you are selling – it builds trust.

    There are other strategies as well, but blogging is accessible to all with a computer and costs no money, only time. Time to write, time to learn to write and time to read others to get ideas and learn to write better yourself.

    Ergo, blogging is a tool for marketers who enjoy marketing online and who enjoy writing.


  • Kim,

    I found out I can play the didgeridoo. I taught a few workshops on how to play. It was surprising to me how many people actually wanted to learn. $20 per person for an hour of group instruction. I had a group of 5 on my first night! An easy $100 an hour!

    Now I’m learning how to duplicate that success with my network marketing business. Hope I don’t lose my friends. Oy! – Rob

  • Great follow-up to Can I make money blogging? and interesting comments on both posts.

    I can’t say what will work for others but for me I am making money through my blog, actually my blog is making money. I am marketing my products 100% online and making money.

    I relate to Kim’s comments about a blog being picked up by Fox News or Reuters and bringing new customers. It is happening with my blog. I write 5 days a week. I’ve never paid for ads online. I don’t have 500 readers a day, more like 120-200 at the most. The key is targeted readers. The people coming to my blog have an idea of what I write about from seeing my blog on Media sites. I do get some first time readers as customers but they usually opt in for free reports and might buy later on.

    All I’ve ever done is write 5 days a week about things I find interesting. My blog is 10 months old and I keep my eye on the long picture not daily views.

    Kim this is a post dear to me because I am an online marketer. I enjoy writing and love it when someone emails me saying they just saw my blog on Fox News or Reuters Health. It makes me happy to know I’m offering readers from over the world some real food ideas.


  • Kim,

    Seth’s words ring oh so true. Most of those trying to make money off you by “showing you” how to do it …. never did it themselves. Pretty sad.

    I second all your comments about blogging in reply to Dean also. I love blogging. I’ve 2 blogs that are both over 3 years old. Keeps me “connected” just by doing research for my posts…and is a useful tool to reach my audience via feeds (both potential customers/partners and current customers/partners).

    In short … great tool to add to your marketing tool box. Another way to “brand” yourself. And is/can be fun too. IF done the right way. 😉

    God Bless,

    Michael Lemm

    “Helping YOUR Business….DO Business”

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