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Russell B relates…

“I got a postcard in the mail offering a free teeth cleaning…

I go, ‘Sweet! We’ve got insurance. It’s a free cleaning. I’m in.’

 Within minutes, the dentist commented on my ‘yellow’ teeth.

‘No, I don’t drink coffee or smoke. Are they really yellow?’

 ‘Yeah, they are. But don’t worry. If you want I can go out back
and make some custom teeth-whitening trays for you. You’ll have to
use them for a few weeks, but if you follow the system, your teeth
will be white again.

You know what my response was,
“Yes please! 
I don’t want yellow teeth!”

‘The dentist keeps working on my teeth, and 20 minutes later
he says, ‘So did you have braces when you were a kid?’

‘Yeah, I did. How can you tell?’

 ‘Well your two bottom teeth are shifting again, and that
usually happens to people who had braces…’

‘My teeth are shifting? Seriously? What can you do about that?

 ‘Well if you want I can build a retainer for you, which will
help keep your teeth in place.

‘Yes, please!’

What just happened?  Two times?

The dentist had a value ladder of products – from free to big ticket –
and saw a need and offered.

Russell could have said NO. But he didn’t because he WANTED
those problems to go away. And he trusted the dentist who
was personally giving him a free teeth cleaning.

PS. Russell is amazed…

“When I walked into the dentist office that morning, I had come in for
a free teeth cleaning. And in less than an hour I walked out paying
over two thousand dollars for my whitening kit and my new retainers.”

This dentist had strategically taken me through a powerful process
that we call a value ladder.”

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