Can the real human beings come out?

upsidedownThere are two ways people get an impression of your company and your network marketing business:

1. Your website.

2. The people they interact with (live or email), including you.

Take your website.

First time visitors likely stop by each day, looking to see what you’re about.

Most leave in a few seconds, never to return. Here’s why.
There’s nothing that looks human or real, and nothing interesting to link to.

Robert Scoble (coauthor, Naked Conversations), who helped humanize the face of Microsoft with his wildly popular blog, made an interesting comment about two websites he’d been asked to review last week by their corporate owners. One was Quixtar, (the other Nestle’s.)

The Scoble test for your home page:

“Without clicking anywhere find me a real human being. Not one made out of a stock photo agency.

You don’t need to look. There aren’t any. Not to mention that you can’t talk to a real human being. And I don’t see anything on those two pages that I’d like to link to. Which means they won’t get high search engine rankings no matter how many SEO firms they pay.

Which is like throwing money down the toilet. If you met THE PEOPLE behind these companies I think you’d be far more likely to listen to what they have to say. Or sell. And they ARE experts on their business. It’s a damn shame that they aren’t allowed to talk with us on their Web sites.”

(“SEO”= Search Engine Optimization companies, to whom companies pay millions to “optimize” their ranks on Google, Yahoo and such. But like Scoble says, it’s all money down the rathole if when they come, it’s so boring and impersonal that they click away in less than five seconds.)

Can the real human beings come out now? Isn’t that who we want to see and talk to?

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