Customer Lovers: Your Upside w/the Herbalife Settlement

2 women talking smCustomer lovers: Your Upside with the Herbalife settlement…

Readers here know that the FTC has turned Herbalife’s business structure totally inside out.

As of July 15, instead of earning money mostly from “internal orders” – that is recruits recruiting more recruits, all of whom buy big bunches of product from the company (and nobody selling much to end users) – earning both the company and the recruiters fast and big income, earnings must now come, mostly (66-80%) from CUSTOMERS WHO ARE NOT DISTRIBUTORS.

Retail and preferred.

=> So here’s the upside for you if you’re in an MLM that sells a worthy product or service:

***Drop out rates plummet***

Here’s how and why.

Instead of being sold “$10,000/mo easy peasy anyone can do it!!” approach, which fewer than 1% ever achieve (the experienced recruiters, of course)…

…and the vast majority of folks (80% women) quitting, here’s my picture:

I’d start my new recruit who wants to build a stable (and small-to-giant) income like this:

10 Customers 10 Days. 20 Customers 20 Days. 100 Customers 100 Days.

That’s the fast track. (For any of those.)

=> Say you earn $10 for each customer, each month, for each order and recurring monthly order.

1) If you front-line (personally sponsor) those 10 customers and earn $10/month for each customer each month, YOU EARN $100/mo.

=> Buys you Cappuccino every day for a month. And a croissant once a week. 🙂

Who’d ever quit on all those caps and croissants you’re earning each month?

2) If you front-line 20 customers and earn $10/monthly order for each customer each month, YOU EARN $200/mo.

=> Double caps and croissants. Organic sandwiches at lunch, too. Who’d ever quit on that income?

3) If you front-line 100 customers in 100 days, and earn $10/monthly order for each customer each month, YOU EARN $1,000/mo.

=> Now throw in lunches at an upscale place, and maybe a better car…Who’d ever quit on that income?

4) If FIVE YEARS later, you have 5,000 front-line customers earning you $10/mo each, you EARN $5,000/mo


Nobody dear to you calls you to gripe, “I’m so mad I let you talk me into this!!!!”

***Now for your bonus surprise…***

You can recruit.

Say you do the national average – TWO RECRUITS…

And you tell them up front “Here’s the cappuccino deal. Ten in Ten. Or Twenty in Twenty. 100 in 100 Days.”

Did you know…

You’d make a percent on ALL THOSE orders because they are ALL customers, preferred, monthlies. Not also signed up as distributors.


This is the slower, but steadier and much less “icky” way to build a real business. AND benefit from having recruits.

This will not be appealing to the 1% big time recruiters.

But would it be appealing to YOU? To be able to say, HONESTLY, here’s how to make $300/mo without feeling uneasy, because you need not make any ridiculous income claims? Or pretend you’ve achieved income you have not, yet?

Does this scenario of building your business seem like a way to replace your job in the next 2-4 years?

How would that make you feel about restarting your business?

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