Did the Surgeon General get it wrong about weight?

A few months ago, I posted this survey:

Who’s got it right about weight?

1. “Overweight and obesity result from excess calorie consumption and/or inadequate physical activity.” -U.S. Surgeon General


2. “Most studies comparing normal and overweight people suggest that those who are overweight eat fewer calories than those of normal weight.”
– National Academy of Sciences, Diet and Health.

So which is it? Do overweight people eat more or less than normal weight ones?

Results so far here.

What’s the right answer?

You might be surprised to learn this answer to the debate here (one page mini report). I was.
(Warning: the research summary here and the more complete report it links to, were prepared by Dr. Heidi, a nutritionist and nutrition professor who happens also to have designed a whole food multi for the start-up I own part of. This stunning research is unrelated to that product. These findings and beliefs on weight are based on her life’s work in health and nutrition.)

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  • AMEN to this, I hope it hits the media like wildfire!

    It is 100% WHAT you eat. Seriously 2000 calories of fruit pies and potato chips is certainly not the same as 2000 calories of fruits and veggies.

    A few years ago I was 35# over weight. I was the weight I was full term pregnant with my daughter. Now that was a stifling shocker when I hopped on the scale. (and promptly hopped OFF of it in dismay)

    I started a self-made ‘diet’. A smoothie for breakfast, a salad for lunch and a small dinner. It sounded healthy. It seemed simple… right? Well, I was starving all the time and I was GAINING weight.

    Turns out my body was in starvation mode, as I was not getting proper nutrition from my ‘diet’ and the body fights to survive and was stocking up on fat so I’d ‘survive’ through the self inflicted famine!

    Many overweight people who think they are dieting are indeed starving themselves, starving their bodies and gaining weight!

    I found a great website on the web that did not give me a ‘diet’ it showed me HOW to eat. I dropped that weight fast and I eat more than I ever ate before.

    This is not some ‘book’ meal plan or ‘boxed food’. Actually it’s not even a ‘diet’. Really it’s common sense…

    It is the regular food you get at the store, I eat the same foods as my family. I just know WHAT to buy and trust me it’s not rabbit food. I can eat whatever I want and it’s a joy!

    (of course my diet is not twinkies and chocolate pies BUT it does involve a relatively HEALTHY diet. But I can have a Twinkie if I want one!)

    Now if someone has zero desire to eat healthy, then fat chance of being slim…

    So I did it, 35# gone with no chance of coming back because I know HOW to eat…

    I can enjoy dessert at a dinner party, a cocktail when out for the evening and I have no worries of Thanksgiving dinner. I enjoy food!

    Simply changing HOW you eat will result in weight loss for sure. Adding in exercise is a bonus and will add muscle and strength too.

    So power to proper eating! Be bright and eat right!

    ~Alethea Anderson

  • From talking to various people, it seems that each situation is unique.

    For some, their calories exceed their activity; some people have high or low metabolism rates; & others simply have health issues that contribute to the issue of weight.

    For those of without specific health issues, it isn’t how much we eat, but the food choices we make and the amount of activity.

    I think each of us is just different.


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