Do people with scripts do better?

Wednesday is therapy day.

Some people say use scripts when talking to prospects. Others say scripts make you sound stiff and well, scripted.

Some say get a good ice-breaker, and you’re good to go. Others say you should find out what the other person wants, and then show how your thing IS that. (That’s the old ‘find their hot button’ strategy that most people still use.) Most industry trainers say that if you use such scripts, you won’t hear “no” anymore.

Here’s my take.

The words you use with a prospect, scripted or not, are good for one thing: To prevent accidentally turning off a right person. No script will make the wrong person a right person. If they were too easily persuaded, they just quit.

Only one in a hundred might make a good recruit – i.e. someone who wants to do 100% commission sales and recruiting. If you turn that one off with the words you use, you’ll need to plan for another hundred calls. (Yes, you CAN say the wrong thing to the right person. People do it to me all the time.)

So before you start talking to people, and before you pay out money for scripting classes and materials, including mine, know and accept that 99 in a hundred are the wrong ones for the business, no matter what you say. Yes, they may want more money, but no, they will not do commission sales or stick with it to get it.

Learn to let go of the wrong ones for now. You can always try again in a few months, if you think they’re really special. And ask for a referral.

Bottom line: Most people are NOT right for your busines. It doesn’t matter what you say. The one in a hundred (that’s generous) statistic is what it is. The sooner companies and the industry trainers stop pretending that all it takes is ‘their’ scripting approach to get an “I’m interested” response from most everyone, the better off the planet will be.

P.S. Yes, you can ask over and over, “What has to happen for you to say yes?” and if you let yourself, you will hear the answer: “Talk to someone else. I don’t play tennis.”


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Kim Klaver


  • I’ve just found your website, and I have to say: THANK YOU!

    The PS of this post was exactly right. It’s so refreshing to finally find an intelligent, realistic, non-cliched approach to network marketing.

    I’m bookmarking this site immediately.

    Keep up the good work!


  • Great words of wisdom Kim. I think scripts also give you a framework to go on. As you get more and more comfortable you will inject more of your personality but I think most people need some sort of structured path to follow.

  • It doesn’t make that much difference if you have a script. Scripts are simply guideposts for a conversation. If you sit there on the phone and read it, you will get the same result as most telemarketers…zilch.

    An icebreaker is a mental tool for you to pry open the door to your prospects. If you get a “Not interested” in the first 60 seconds, your icebreaker is not effective.It means you didn’t pull their attention away from whatever they were doing when you called.

    There is no question that finding someone who thinks, and more importantly will act, like you, is the goal we all seek when we call prospects, warm or cold.

    But if you don’t get in the “door” so to speak, you’ll never find out if they are like-minded. That’s why an icebreaker is so important.

    As for scripts, they’re okay to learn by, but plan on testing them on several hundred prospects before you have it down cold and can use the elements of a script in a conversation.

    What you’re looking for initially, is a conversation. Not a presentation of your business. Don’t spill your cookies in the first few minutes. Establish a rapport, have a nice chat, get to know the person and let them get to know you.

    Expect to make 5 to 8 contacts with the prospect before you get a decision. Contact means asking for a decision. You might make 2 or 3 in the first call. It may take 2 or 3 more calls to get the final decision…the yes or no decision.

    Develop two icebreakers, one for prospecting for business partners, one for potential customers. It’s really simple when you think about it.

    Develop an icebreaker that takes 40 to 60 seconds to say, and ends with a question.

    You will end up getting your fair share of both partners and customers.

  • Great article Kim,

    I find too often people are out looking for the magic bullet rather than just doing the right things like consistently talking to new people. I think you are bang on with your 100 people idea.

    I heard it put another way that in order to get 1 solid prospect you must first get 100 people to say no to you. The faster you get through your 100 no’s the faster you will get your qualified prospects.

    As for the scripts this is something I speak on quite often. I like to use an excercise to demonstrate the importance of how you say things as apposed to what you say. If you look at the following sentance:

    “I didnt know he stole the car” it seems pretty straight forward. But just by changing a word I emphasize I can change the entire meaning of what is being said.

    For instance if I were to say ” I DIDNT know he stole the car” this means I didn’t know before, but I do know now.

    If I said ” I didnt know he STOLE the car” it means I knew it wasnt his car but I thought perhaps it was borrowed.

    Or if I said “I didnt know he stole the CAR” this means I knew he was a thief I just thought he had stolen something else.

    In closing a script is only good if you say the word effectively.



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