Do you feel rejected when a dress doesn’t fit?

Rejection. One of the biggest reasons people quit our business.

But I wonder, are we bringing it on ourselves?

New folks are told over and over that ‘everyone will want this’ suggesting everyone will buy it.
Only it’s not true. There is nothing ‘everyone’ wants. Check your own experience. Has everyone bought?

What if, instead of telling new people (or ourselves) that everyone (should or must) want this, we tell them this: We’re looking for a fit. Kind of like shopping for shoes.

Every ‘no’ then becomes, “Oh, this one doesn’t fit.”

Do you feel rejected when a dress doesn’t fit? Don’t you just ask the sales person to bring you another?

P.S. Yes, it might be true that ‘everyone’ says they want more money or free time. But do not mistake people venting about those things for readiness to do anything other than vent. Have you heard “Meet the Venters”? Audio here #12. And in the Orange book here, chapter 2.

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Kim Klaver


  • Everyone first needs to find their "compelling why". It's like an onion…When you think you have answered why then ask why again to that answer and then ask why again until you have peeled the onion. Now you have your "compelling why" which will help you accept rejection with a attack and adapt attitude.
    John Ward

  • You're right, many people give up because they get to many no's. If you ask each and every single person you meet, and each and ever single person you know to buy from you, you'll get frustrated well before you get to the first person who will say yes.

    Better to save yourself the aggravation and seek the person who will fit by doing some basic marketing and asking the right questions. i.e. "Do you know anybody who considers themselves a gourmet cook?"

  • Kim, when I started in this business I took rejection very personal. I thought people where rejecting ME. It took a long time and mentors like you for me to realize that they weren't rejecting me personally, but the opportunity or the product I presented them.

    I can't remember who told me the story about McDonald's but that's when I finally got it. It went like this…

    Imagine you're next in line at McDonalds and the clerk takes your order. He asks you if you'd like fries with that and you say no. Does he start crying because you 'rejected' his fries? Of course not. You just didn't want any.

    The shoe or the dress didn't fit. Duh 🙂

  • Kim I have to wish you a Happy New Year and thank you for the last 4 years of training!

    I was so naive when I got involved with NM 5 years ago. I fell for the "it sells itself and everyone will want this" so I bought my way in.

    Fast forward to 2010,

    I'm a full time online marketer. I don't buy my way into any program.

    Thank you Kim for your training and the referrals to other types of training. It has all helped me so much with my business.

    I love your Orange Book!

    Whole Food Multivitamin

  • Dear Kim,

    And if you buy those misfitted shoes and take them home with you because the salesperson wanted the sale more than your comfort; what's next? What if you wore them and your feet cursed every step you took in them. You will most likely return them, give them away, throw them away, or forget about them in the bottom of the closet.

    It takes time and patience to find a great fitting shoe. So it is with a great team member. But once you find them and train them, you now have leverage because you are both out looking for that next "good fit". Slower than the mud on the wall approach to our business at first, but much more attrition proof. So next there are four looking for a good fit and then eight for the next eight and thus you have the genius of our business model. If no one sticks around to be trained because their feet hurt, then leverage never happens. You burn yourself out trying to keep enough mud on the wall.

    My sponsor is not a Million Dollar Club Member because she sponsored so many people. She got there by sponsoring people like me that have been here for 14 years.

    Don't let your impatience turn a marathon into a 50 yard dash.

    Wishing You Plenty To Live,

    Tom Doiron

  • SOOOOO TRUE!!! All great comments! My goodness….it's all about the perfect fit…there have been times when I've told a prospect that we were not a fit and offered to help them find a company or person who could serve them better.
    WE get to decide who we bring on to our teams…our job is to connect with our new prospects as best be can, share our business in a way that makes it relevant to them..and then together..determine if there is a fit here…standards..we all must have standards in order to build a business that will last and be filled with great energy! We hold those cards to determine what our standards for business partners are! Be confident in them and all will be served!


    Jen Ohrman

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