Do you need a big before and after?

Some people think that if they don’t have a big product story, they can’t sell their product. This is a big mistake.

A strong belief system is just as good as a big before and after when it comes to a reason for marketing your product line. For example –

1. How about just because you want “certified organic” products, including skin care products? Because you believe they’re better for you? (Of course you offer links to third party white papers supporting this view, which are not also selling products.) That’s Erin’s story. Mine, too.

2. How about just because you been studying up on the damage being done to the environment and now you want to do your part now and buy ALL non-toxic cleaners, and market them too?

3. How about just because you believe the food you eat can’t provide all the nutrients you need, so you take high grade supplements and market them too?

Everyone has to make a living doing something. Why not something you believe in and use yourself?

A belief system that is strong and based on information others can access, which has no hidden agenda, i.e. nothing for sale (so NOT your company website) does as much if not more than a big before and after story to give you credibility.

P.S. This question came up in the “Learn to Promote Yourself” seminar, which I’m editing now and hope to make available later this week. 3CD/MP3 program, looks like.

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  • Just because is good enough reason for me, Kim.

    How about just because you’re passionate about something? Or just because you get a lot of joy out of or have a lot of fun doing something? Like for example the “Send out Cards” gals. I’m sure they have a lot of fun creating those cards.

    Or a bit closer to home…me ;o) I have lots of fun reading. Sometimes the “before and after” is not clearly visible. At first glance anyway, but there must be some truth to the saying “Readers are Leaders”. I’m a lot smarter today than I was yesterday ;o)

    Thanks for everything!

    Ilka ;o)

  • I am so glad you posted this. I dealt with this issue for years in my health company and I sure could have used this.

    I had an amazing product story, so I never knew what to say when someone did not have health issues but still loved the product and wanted to join the business.

    So I always used my upline’s success story. He was a top money-earner and he never had a product experience either. But the first group of people he shared the product with, did. Within 3 days, his phone was ringing off the hook asking what was in the juice that could produce those results. So he never needed his own story. He only needed each person he sold it to, to have one, which was the important thing anyway.

    Another top distributor found a way to help new distributors get started immediately before they have their own product experience – he had each new distributor get 12 people to do a product evaluation and track their results along with the new distributor.

    While I still love and sell that product, now my main company is an inch/weight loss product that also tones and firms the body and I face that issue even more.

    When I talk with a thin person about the business opportunity, they are concerned that they need to have a dramatic weight loss story to be successful.

    Yet, my top leader we call “Barbie” because she has the looks and figure of a Barbie Doll. She is doing phenomenally well in the business although she had nothing much to lose – just some toning and firming of her already amazing figure.

    While she has attracted many people who want and need to lose weight, guess who she has mostly attracted? Ladies who want to look younger, ladies who are thin but not toned, and ladies who have lost weight and need to tone and firm now.

    That is a huge market in itself! Just go to the beach and look at all the skinny people in bikinis who are flabby and full of cellulite. And just think of all the plastic surgeons, medi-spas, etc. in the US who charge a fortune to tone and tighten things up.

    And if they really feel they need a dramatic weight loss story, they can use mine or choose from a multitude of stories available in the company. I tell my team members to say, “I only needed to tone and firm my body, but my friend has an amazing story…” (I did a flyer with my story for them to use and I am also available to tell my story personally. My story is also on the company website along with other amazing stories.) Every company has many amazing success stories they can share.

    As Kim teaches us, we need to develop a marketing statement about what we do which will alleviate some of the issue.

    For example…We market products for people who are unhappy with their body shape, size, condition, or health. Some people who use our products just want to tighten and tone while others want to lose weight.

    So, how many people do you suppose are 100% happy with their bodies and 100% healthy? I haven’t met one yet!

    So, do we really have to have a product experience to love a product madly and want to share it with others? I don’t think so. We all share what we love with others just for the thrill and satisfaction of sharing it, whether we are making money to share it or not.

    Follow Your Passion,
    Michelle Sanchez
    Network Marketing Success Coach
    Heart~2~Heart Coaching

    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful
    committed people can change the world; indeed, it
    is the only thing that ever has.” — Margaret Meade

  • I came into network marketing because of a passion I had to be home with my kids. I was looking for a business FIRST, product or service second.

    It’s a nice bonus when you have a product story that is captivating, but truly not necessary.

    Having the BELIEF in what you are doing and the product/system/vehicle/company to get you there IS necessary, though, for long term success!

    Make sure your belief is solid and then take action. The results will show up!

    EXPECT Success!

    Jackie Ulmer
    Street Smart Wealth Group

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