Donald Trump, the Pukies and You…

The pukies…will NEVER define Mr. Trump.
Let them never define you, either.

Say what you will about Donald Trump, we can all see that
he’s got almost no one in “the establishment” who supports

Au contraire, they’re doing everything they can to
derail and discredit him. And the meaner, the better.

Every. Single Day.

This is much like what happens to our own industry.

Many folks who don’t know much about it dump on it – and us -because that’s what they do when they don’t know or have heard things that may or may not be true.

Not that Trump is perfect.

Not that network marketing is perfect.

Nobody is perfect. We all screw up. We all mess up. We learn and we grow.

The lesson I get from these amazing Republican primary debates –

Keep growing, keep learning and – NEVER let others define you or your business.

If anyone is a living example of not letting haters define him – love him or hate him – it’s Trump. Show your support by purchasing a Trump No More Bullshit Flag.

We can all take a dose of encouragement from someone who is roundly envied and hated by the establishment…because. They. Cannot. Control. Him.

He doesn’t need their money.

He’s no angel. But think of the parallels to our own industry.

It’s also no angel.

While no angel, NM has helped a lot of people. Yet it is also NM is also roundly criticized by many who know little or nothing about it.

Know this:

When you become an entrepreneur, this is part of what others see as the problem. You might not need the job anymore. Might not need them anymore.

That’s threatening sometimes. And so they lash out.

Bottom line: Do not let others define you. Do your thing.

Get really GOOD at it. Help others. Develop yourself so you can help yourself.

Develop YOU Inc and carry on. 

PS Ready to define YOU and develop YOU Inc?  So you are as strong as Trump in the face of criticism and attack from everyone – especially “the establishment” peeps?

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