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  • I'm pleased for my friend and wondering when my time for success will come. Then I think about what I have been doing and what changes I need to make to experience success also. I might pick my friend's brain to find out what they did to bring this about. My last thought is… they sure are lucky!

  • not that i'm not happy for them – i usually genuinely am. but i guess it makes me think of what i'm not doing, or could be doing, or haven't done …. but someone also just said this to me recently "don't compare your inside with someone else's outside"

  • When they succeed it reaffirms that it is possible. They are an example of persistence and determination. They are an example of setting a goal and going for it. You have to be happy for them. You will be as successful as your five closest friends. Pick your friends wisely.

  • There's an old saw, "To have what you do not have, you must do what you do not do." So, if "I die a little" when someone succeeds, it's because I realize I do not do what he does. Don't we die a little when we make a wrong choice?

  • I have felt that way in the past, but not anymore. I am genuinely happy for people when they succeed. My biggest thing is asking "What did you do to achieve success" because I'm always learning and I prefer to learn from those who have done it rather than those who say they can do it. 😉

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