Evil marketing?

Get this.

To take advantage of people’s worry about the economy, here’s what two big industrial food companies are offering. From the Wall St. Journal today (PDF here)

“Food Marketers Cook Up ‘Value’ Campaigns.
Soups and Cereals Stretch Meal Dollar but Make a Profit

“Food companies hope to capitalize on the slumping economy by steering consumers to cheaper, high-margin products.

“On Monday, Kellogg Co. is beginning a new advertising push for staple cereals such as Corn Flakes and Rice Krispies, while Campbell Soup Co. is about to launch a multimedia campaign to trumpet its condensed soups as a bargain buy. Kraft Foods Inc. has begun advertising its Kool-Aid powdered beverages on national radio for the first time in 11 years.

Campbell and cheese giant Kraft are also teaming up to promote meals of soup and grilled-cheese sandwiches. Kraft’s Web site will add recipes for cheap sandwiches and suggest Campbell soups to pair them with.

On Nov. 2, newspapers nationwide will carry coupon inserts pitching Campbell soups and sandwiches made with Kraft Singles cheese as the “wallet-friendly meal your family will love.” More here (PDF here)

The pitch? White bread, canned soup, processed cheese and of course, cold cereal.

The family may love it (some are addicted to it), but bodies are crumbling and getting fatter because of it.

White bread and cold cereal (Corn Flakes, Rice Krispies, etc) promote blood sugar imbalances like diabetes and hypoglycemia. The carbohydrates in them are anti-nutrients. They rob the body of vitamins and minerals.

Canned soup is filled with toxic ingredients. Processed cheese is a dead milk product with the pesticides, genetically modified organisms, antibiotics and growth hormones that are in industrial milk. “Industrial milk” is pasteurized milk from feedlot dairy cows.

Selling cheap, empty and harmful food to a scared and uneducated populace is evil.

Your take?

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Kim Klaver


  • You’re absolutely right again, Kim.
    Muc more of this to follow. Ironically, I am really get into nutrition now. Some of the organic things out there are not all they are cracked up to be either.

  • You’ve hit the nail right on the head, Kim.

    With obesity in such epic proportions, it is deplorable that these companies would promote such an unhealthy alternative.

    I am truly disgusted with this! These companies should be boycotted.

  • Two years ago my health was declining and I was aging prematurely. I found a wonderful whole, nutrient dense, food source, (the #1 super food in the world) and not only has my wallet (my economy) improved dramatically, I haven’t taken an aspirin or acetaminophen or a decongestent or any other, over the counter or prescription pill in over 2.5 years. I haven’t been sick a single day!

    I will never again eat foods like those metioned in this post. I learned the truth. The people profiting from what we eat are dictating what we eat…

    Bad plan. Shame on us for not educating ourselves, shame on them for contributing to the national health care (sickness) problem.

    We have a choice. But we must make the choice. I vote with my feet and steer clear of bad foods.

  • I totally agree, Kim.

    It is wrong and I believe one of the downfalls of our society. What can we learn from their form of advertising, though?

    They are connecting with their customers where they live- their wallet. They are showing WHY their product will help them and WHAT they are offering in a visual and emotional way.

    When we connect with our customers and potential team members in an emotional way, they become life long, spread-the-word, contacts.

    As for me, I am going to stick with my organic fruits and vegetables.

    Thanks for sharing, Kim!

  • I don't believe in a food police.

    Educate consumers. Put labels on the front of food products like they do cigarettes, and let supply & demand determine whether these companies stay in business or not.

  • Hi Kim,

    The food industry gets away with this junk the same way the financial sector plays their self-serving games with others money; lack of regulation and oversight. The special interest groups pressure the law makers to slip through legislation that stunts the size and strength of the organizations that were established to protect the citizens by keeping an eye on things like food and credit.

    Greed will never be eliminated and every person has to deal with its tempting whispers.

    No got milk,

    Tom Doiron

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