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Facebook Profile Marketing in 3 Easy Steps

Facebook Profile Marketing
Written by Kim Klaver

People ask, “How do you get people to talk to you on messenger so you can sell to them without being salesy?”

You do that with what I call Facebook profile marketing.

I’m going show you just one step to doing that so you can see what this is.

I’m talking here about a Facebook profile, not a page, but your regular profile with your little mug on it.

Most people use it for personal stuff, but I use it all day long to promote my business—but without being annoying and salesy.

People don’t realize I’m selling to them. That’s the way you want to be. You want to be so smooth at your marketing that people don’t feel like you’re hitting on them.

Here’s How I Get People Interested in My Facebook Profile

Always have something to offer, whether it’s a smile, a tip… anything that makes the other person’s day better.

That’s what you do. That’s your job, really. At least, that’s how I see my job.

If you go to Facebook.com/kim.klaver, you’ll see my personal profile and how I do this.

Facebook Profile Marketing - Kim Klaver Example


I’ll post something on my page like this:

“If you’re tired of not getting your emails opened, I’m testing something that gets 100 percent open rate. PM me if you’d like a demo. Unique and different :)”

I posted that on my Facebook profile.

What did I do?

I called out my market, my people who have the same concern I have.

I’m tired of people not opening my emails. That’s me. It’s not a company, not my upline, my downline, nobody else, but me. That’s Kim Klaver’s concern.

I say on my profile post:

“If you’re like that, I’m testing something that gets 100 percent open rate. PM me if you’d like a demo. Unique and different.”

Notice, I’m warning them this is unique and different because it is.

As you can see, I’m calling out their name.

Who am I calling? People who are tired of not getting their emails opened. And then I say that I’m testing something. Not I have the greatest, most fabulous, most terrific thing

And the marketing dance begins.

Facebook Profile Marketing- marketing dance

People would PM me and say, “What have you got?”

And then we would go through that whole little sequence of messages I describe in detail in my previous post about Facebook Messenger marketing.

In Messenger, I ask them:

“Are you somebody that uses email?”

If they say yes, then my next message is:

“Are you realizing people aren’t opening like they used to? And do you want to get your message out to better people and to more people and do something that’s kind of a cross between email, which is the internet, and cards?”

You never focus on the sale. Focus on whether they’re the right person for the product you’re marketing.

If you know who your market is and what the need is that you’re serving, you never need to hype anybody. It’s not necessary.

Here’s something I do on my page 24/7, and I will show you how you can do this, too.

Facebook Profile Marketing - Kim Klaver

At the top, I wrote:

“How I came in number one in a company-wide, five-month recruiting contest out of 150,000 reps.”

I never mentioned the money, I never mentioned the company, either.

And then I say:

“I’m gonna give a short talk on how I did this, all on Facebook with Messenger. I hope to have a link. Do you want to come?”

Notice: No name. No hyperbole, nothing. No promises, except I’m going to give a talk and show you how I did this. That’s it. I don’t even tell you how you could do it. But I’m going to teach you that.

And the post has hundreds of comments, saying “yes,” “show me,” “I want it,” and “give me the link.”

Step 1. Make Them Come to You

Retention Tips - Network Marketing

I call this “make them come to me.”

I’ve done that since the first day I began 30 years ago.

Make people come to you.

Why? Because it makes you focus on who can you help based on the problem you’re having that they might also be having.

This is called your “hot button.”

Why do we do this?

Facebook Profile Marketing - why

Because it’s the easiest to start. You can, of course, talk about different appeals to your product than the one you happen to have. But if you start with your own before and after, your own issue, you will at least get all those people.

And that’s certainly good for a couple hundred customers. Kaboom. You should get them in a month if you do this, right on your Facebook account.  (And if nobody comes, you could boost your post for five bucks a day, and they will come.)

Now let me give you a little tip if you’re thinking, “Well you have all these accomplishments to post about.”

Step 2. Attract with your results, even simple ones.

Simple achievements also get big interest, and often more interest.

Facebook profile marketing

Let’s say you’re just getting started and you’re one of those people who says, “Oh, I can’t sell in a course.” It’s only because you never learned.

Did you ever try it? No. Do you know how to do it? No. Have you ever taken a lesson? No. But you could learn, right?

You could post something like this: “How I got my very first customer while I was sleeping. I woke up and there was an order.”

I’ve had students do this and they’re so happy they’re crying. One order and suddenly they think, “Oh my God, I can.” They’re levitated. That can be you, that can be your sister or somebody you care about.

Step 3. Add a P.S.

And then you write a P.S.

Notice, half of my posts have P.S.’s.

Your P.S. could say something like:

“If anyone wants to know what happened, I’ll post the story. Please comment ‘Yes, how did you get your first customer?'”

Notice, I’m feeding them what to do, so they know what to post. Otherwise, people go, “Well, what should I post?” Tell them what to write in the comments.

Facebook profile marketing - P.S. marketing

3 Benefits of Facebook Post Marketing

What does all this do for you?

First, you’re noticed as someone who has achieved something that most people in marketing haven’t done yet: get a real customer.

Most people don’t have any customers. They don’t have anybody at all. Getting a customer is an achievement. It’s totally a wonderful achievement. Don’t belittle it one bit.

Second, you can show and tell what you did because you just said, “I will show you how I did that. I can tell you what happened.”

It makes you an esteemed teacher because you can now teach someone who has got no customers what you did. Even if it was an accident, you can tell that. You’re still a teacher. That gives you rank.

And third, when you don’t tell the details in the post, when you’re very restrained, you make them want them to come to you.

Don’t tell the details, but wait for them to ask. That gets you engagement.

When people post comments that they want to see, to learn what you have to share, Facebook sees that, and its algorithm sees it as engagement. And then Facebook shows your post to all your friends.

The more people post comments and say, “Yeah, show me how you did that,” the more Facebook’s algorithm will go, “Wow, this is a hot post. People like it. We better spread it to all her friends.” And it does.

So, it’s win-win-win all around, just by not telling everything.

And notice, nobody has a name of a product, nobody has an image of a product, nobody has a name of a company, nobody has the name of the CEO, nobody has the name of anything.

It’s all a big mystery, which is what gives it appeal.

I did this same thing for the last three companies I built: the card company, the internet marketing company, and the weight and alternative eating program. This is precisely how I did it.

And if you would like to learn how to do this, of course, you can learn how to do this, too.

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Facebook Profile Marketing 3 Steps


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