Five worst things to say to a good prospect…

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As valid today as they were 7 years ago and 24 years ago…

Here they are:


1. It’s easy, anyone can do it.
(With a 95% drop out rate?)

2. Everyone will want this product. It sells itself.
(Has everyone said ‘yes’ to your product? And, if it “sells itself” what does your company need you for?)

3. You can make big money fast in this business.
(Have you? And do you know the story behind the story for those who claim they did?)

4. Our company/management/payplan is the greatest, most advanced, stands above all others…
(Doesn’t everyone say that about their thing?)

5. All you have to do is go to your friends, family or neighbors.
(For many people, that’s been the worst thing they did.)

Anyone have any to add?

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  • Kim,
    Yes, let’s.
    How about? Here’s your invitation to check out Network Marketing Central; my profile address is: …
    NMC gets even better every day!
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  • It’s so amazing that people still say this… I cringe when I see these 5 because they were all said to me, and when I couldn’t do it like the big NM Sharks, I felt like such a failure.

    As an artist I always understood the income potential and leveraging of art royalties, so Network Marketing residual income made sense to me (they’re the same thing basically). I always knew this way, was the best way to make money from my efforts.It made sense…it still does.

    But being told these 5 things and then being told to tell others and my downline to say these 5 things, went against my nature… it made me cringe.

    Over the years I grew to hate the MLM, eat um up, chew um up and spit um out if they don’t make me money, mentality–of most Network Marketer Big Boys.(and girls) :o)

    As a part of Network Marketing Central, and a graduate of Kim, I have learned that I don’t have to repeat these 5 worst things. I found a better, nicer way…And best of all, it’s nice to know that I won’t lose any more friends…

    A sigh of relief… a fresh start!

  • Three additions:

    1. If I can do it (or alternatively, one of our top earners used to wait tables at Del Taco; if s/he can do it) anyone can do it!

    2. If you will just commit to working your tail end off for (6, 12, 18 etc.) months to build your business you’ll receive residual income for the rest of your life!

    3. All you have to do is duplicate what has already been shown to work and find (3, 4, 5) others who are teachable to do the same and your are done!

  • Hey, I’d add:

    “Find your WHY and everything else
    will fall in place”.
    “You need to be coachable”

    Althought that may be true, I’ve come
    to find that recruiters say that so
    in the hope that they can boss you
    around and have you do anything,
    like run naked backwards through
    a cornfield.

    Then ther is:
    “All yo have to do is refer people
    to this product” well covered by
    Kim already.

    “Act dumb so you don’t have to
    answer questions” or something
    to this effect. I actually had
    a Quixtar guy do just that to me.
    It’s a sales technique based on
    the fact that people won’t bring
    up ‘objections’ or questions more
    than once and consider them
    answered no matter what they’ve
    been fed.

    Happy Turkey Gobbling


  • Or how about:

    step #1 Write a list of 100 people you know and them call them over and over again.

    I’m so mad that I actually did that. Upline shmupline. I have to do what works for ME.

    Lisa, Mentoring For Free

  • Ho, ho, ho, ho. I’m so amused! I like them all, but my favorite is the “coachable” one. Ever see that movie, “Coming to America,” where Eddie Murphy tells the woman who’s been chosen to marry him to hop on one foot and bark like a dog, and she does? Now, she was coachable! I thought maybe I just didn’t get it when what I saw was people expecting me to do whatever they told me to do, like a trained seal. I love this!!!

  • How about:

    This is a ground floor opportunity – those that get in now can’t go wrong!!!


    This product is so cutting edge it’s going to be bigger than Microsoft in 5 year’s time, so get in now…!!!

    Best wishes to all
    Anne Campbell

  • The only system that would work is mine system from my upline.
    Just talk to people, talk to people and talk to people then show the plan, show the plan, show the plan.
    They are great generalizations but there is no teaching on how to talk to people and how to find an entrepreneur.

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