Healthy chocolate, anyone?

How about a natural sleep-aid? A non-toxic cleaner? Healthy pet products?

And of course healthy chocolates?

Are you a connoisseur who knows nutrition matters? Are you environmentally-conscious and you want some non-toxic cleaners? Have you always wanted to look into natural weight loss remedies?

Well, now you can.

Test the new beta version of – products for connoisseurs – here. It’s part of what members of the NMC/iGaggle Network get. No extra charge. Not perfect yet, but soon…hehehe.

Network Marketing Central has become a mini search engine for network marketers – especially fun for burned out mlm-ers, who are coming in droves to check out new sponsors and product lines as they search (secretly) for a new home. is the specialty product side for the NMC/iGaggle Network members- a new “products for connoisseurs” search site for people who care about high-end natural nutritional and skincare products and environmentally safe home products AND who expect to pay more for them.

Have fun! See if you can find something you’ve been looking for. And you get to buy from a fellow networker – someone who will NOT hit you up for their business. Because they’re New Schoolers who know the difference between a customer and a sales rep.

Note to people with evil intent: we track all activity. Do not come to this comunity if your intent is to solicit for your deal. You’ll be exposed. This service is for connoisseur searchers who want to products that might be available from folks here.

Want to join or test the service? You can. Go to iGaggle Network here.

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Kim Klaver


  • I put in several searches and actually found some new friends. This will be a great tool for me to use to find others without being scared of the hype.

    Nancy Carlson

  • I’ve been sort of out of the loop since this change over has been taking place. Where do I best find out or who do I ask how to make my profile compatible with the new system, etc. I was disappointed when I did a search for travel business and my profile didn’t show up, so I want to do whatever I need to.


  • Judy:

    Go to your page and log in.

    See the top tab: My Profile?

    Hover your mouse over it, and select “Edit Profile.” Select “My Info” there, and click “Edit.”

    Under “General goods and Services, Add “Travel Services”.

    That’s it. Hit Save and next time you search for “travel” or “travel business” on either the NMC or search engine, you’ll come up.

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