Help our industry gain respect…

Run away black cartoonHelp our industry gain respect…please like if you’ll help…

Would you join me in helping our industry gain respect – or at least lose some of the stigma around it?…

You know, so others don’t want to run away when they hear what you’re doing?

  1. Do not entice anyone with ‘promises’ that have not happened for you.

So, if you have NOT earned a full-time income working 5-10 hours a week…

       2. Do not tell someone that “you can earn a full-time income working part-time.”

Yes, a TINY percent who have been doing it for ten years might earn full-time income working part time. It comes from overrides from their organizations. But that is AFTER they’ve been working it full-time for ten+ years. Isn’t it better karma to let them know THAT part at the recruiting meeting, too?

If you have NOT found that it is just (as easy as) recommending a restaurant or movie…

3. Do not tell someone else it’s “just like recommending a movie or restaurant” (no matter how often you’ve heard it).

If you have not found that “the product sells itself!” And “Everyone will want this!”…

4. Don’t tell anyone else the product sells itself. Or that everyone will want this – to get them in.

We all know it’s not true.

What say you? Will you help?  And like this (below)?

PS. To me, what gives our industry its stigma is not the model. It’s a fab business model. The stigma comes almost totally from the almost morally bankrupt way it’s promoted by leaders and companies – ALL of whom know better.

But they want the signups, so they play to human weakness and offer the moon in the recruiting meetings – which the mostly women who are new to sales and marketing – fall for.

Then these same people admonish those who want to quit – because it is  obviously NOT easy nor is it like recommending a restaurant – by telling them how long a lawyer or doctor goes to school (YEARS and thousands of hours) before they make money.

Yeah, NOW they tell us. And then they offer the big and costly trainings and seminars, etc.

Not a good thing.  Think?

LIKE if you agree? Help restore respect by NOT saying those things above?


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